Coaching Lessons From A 5 Year Old

In this video I share a few lessons I learned from some kids who came round to the house about a week ago.

I'm that Auntie that the nieces and nephews are a little bit scared of (because I'm the one who will tell them off!) but, they know that I also give them interesting things to do and think about.

On this day, I happened to give some advice to 7 kids, all aged under 8. In essence, I got them to make some checklists. I didn't make them. They did. They had ownership of the process. So they made the checklists, they monitored their progress on a daily basis and made a self-assessment.

Anyway, today, their parents sent me the results of how they've been getting on and I learned some valuable lessons which I share with you in the video . They got a lot done! This is how results happen!


It's amazing what you can learn and from who.

The benefits you can get from the simple checklist.

Give children ownership of their own projects.


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