Do You Have A Dream Or Plan?

planning productivity Jan 10, 2019

Many people want to achieve things in their life, but what is the point in having a dream about achieving something, if you don't have a plan to get there.

I've been working on my health and fitness for a while but recently I took my foot of the pedal a bit. When I look at my journal record, it's blank! I haven't planned anything so it's no wonder that I've let things go a bit.

You may have a dream but you need a plan if you want to achieve that dream.

If you think about where you are now, you must have had some kind of a plan that led you here. It's the same when it comes to planning for any dream that you want to achieve.

Your dream could be going to university, getting a job, getting married, fixing your health. Any number of things. You shouldn't just fumble through life hoping that things work out. If you're serious about achieving your dreams then your MUST plan for them.

Everyone I've ever coached or worked with, who has gotten success with their crazy aspirations, haven't done it relying on luck. They've worked towards it by following a plan.

Getting back to my health, last night I spent 20 minutes and sat and planned each day for the rest of the month. Each day, I wrote out what I'm going to do. Do you think that will help me? Of course it will. I know what I should be doing each day now. By planning it, I've taken away an excuse for not doing it. Does that make sense?

This raises and issue though. Do you know how to plan? Can you manage a personal project? Whether it's your finances or your health or any number of personal projects you've got to know HOW to plan.

- Have a dream but you need a plan if you want to achieve that dream.
- Pick the right dream.
- By planning for it, you're halfway there to making it happen.
- You owe it to yourself to be able to create a plan. If you don't know how, then learn how.
- Whatever you dream, Whatever it takes. Follow your plan. Just find an excuse to win. Keep. Going.


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