Flourish and Thrive #2 - Honour Your Heros

flourishandthrive heros Jul 11, 2019

 In order to really flourish and thrive you need to ensure that you are surrounded by the right people. In this context the right people includes reflecting who is in your circle of friends, mentors, family, teachers, etc. In essence :very single person you encounter provides you with an opportunity to learn

As I grow wider I realise that in order to genuinely flourish and thrive you need to and should:

  • to surround yourself with people who you align with
  • people with opposing views
  • and people who support you

I think this tripartite support enables one to reflect and grow and be more productive as a student of the world, and contributor to it


Denzel Washington paid forward by sponsoring Chadwick Boseman. 

Chadwick Boseman paid forward by sponsoring a movie theater in his home town and sponsored 312 underprivileged youth to attend. It was an inspirational moment for them. 

In my opinion the story for Denzel and Chadwick is not complete yet. This. Story. Is. Not. Over. 

Because the legacy and paying forward will continue in some way. 

Please think about your role in the world and how you can support others. Because when you act as mentor or guide for someone (even indirectly, just by your being) then you are making the world a better place. 

Your presence may mean that you are opening doors for people you do not know, and for people who are not even born yet. 

In my opinion this is how you can flourish and thrive in a way that is not describable. 

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Saiyyidah x


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