Insane advice that coaches will give you #3,629,343

coaching implementation Sep 29, 2019

Yes, I am a coach, and I am going to let you inside the secrets of the coaching industry right now… because a lot of coaches will give you bad advice.

If you want to know what makes me credible to do this then please check my bio here.

A few days ago I was speaking to a friend of mine who has a successful tech career and is working on a new business idea. He has a coach who is helping him structure the business. The coach gave lots of good advice which I thought was great (get a business plan, write down your mission, set out your values, be clear about your product suite …).

And it went on and on…

This is all good stuff but here is my problem with this advice…

If you are starting a business and are being told to do the paperwork before starting to make money then all you are doing is increasing your debt before you  make any sales in many months time.

This is why I am inviting you to focus on implementation.

The majority of coaches will give you the right advice but won’t push you to create a strategic plan for implementation.

To me, it doesn’t matter how you create your implementation plan – back of a fag packet is what I’d use if I smoked, but I don't so a napkin will do in the times when I don’t have my journal or notebook!

If this coach asked my friend what they are going to do to generate (much needed) income as well as doing all the strategy then yes, that is one thing, but you can’t do the strategy and mission etc at the cost of generating an income.

If you are not in business, and have a lifestyle coach or a health coach then they do the same sometimes… they will give you insane advice!

Here are some of the worst I have heard…

Do more exercise, your diet will fall into place.

(Like… what the? NO! People that will not work! A lot of research now shows that diet is up to 90% of the work!)

Plan every hour of your day.

(Ok, this might work for some amazing people, but I tell you what it does for me… it stresses me out! You need some free space in your calendar so that you can breathe, catch up, or have contingency! You do not need to plan your free time too!... This is why so many people end up with perfect plans that sit on their shelf and are not implemented.)

This is what you should do…

(Like really? A coach should not tell a client what to do. That is mentoring, not coaching… and even if you are asked you should really not tell a client what to do, for me it goes against the ethics and code of conduct for coaching)

THE BEST THING A COACH WILL EVER DO is to help you move forward in your life. No matter what your situation.

If a coach, mentor, or teacher ever says something that will hold you back in your life then please be careful. Please make sure you pay attention to what is happening… listen to your gut feeling. Your intuition is strong and that is the thing that will save you from the insane things that coaches will tell you.

It is important for you to know the insane advice that you have been given in the past because it might be that statement which is holding you back. One thing we know from research into trauma is that negative statements have a physical manifestation, and in my view they can also affect your soul and spirit. So please be aware of the language that others use around you and with you.

I am sure that there are a million other insane things coaches have said! I’d love to hear your stories (please comment below, or email me at [email protected] and I’ll add them in anonymously!).

PS – I have had enough of people buying courses, doing training, having coaching, and not implementing. So much money, talent, and energy are wasted. Imagine what you could do if you knew how to implement the tools, techniques, and training you have learned.

Let me help you move the knowledge from your head to your heart and start moving projects forward in your life. 

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