How Can You Live Longer?


Today's topic is something really important. Should we be looking at how we can live longer, or should we be looking at how we can improve our lives?

Some people seem to spend a significant amount of money in order to live longer. This could be through diet and nutrition or fancy gizmos like cryo-chambers.

For me, I think it's about improving the quality of our lives as much as living longer. So bio-hacking and strategies to prolong our lives are great and useful for all of us. There are some suggestions that humans should be able to live to 136 years old. Some put that figure as high as 180.

From my perspective though, I think living a long life is only useful if you are able to still operate at your full mental capacity and still be physically able to get around.

When we know what to do and put in time and effort it's like we're in training for something. I think, what we're training for is life in effect. In order to live longer and experience more of life.

ive longer

By taking care of our mind, body and soul we can do that.

Now this is a large undertaking. It's certainly bigger than a few tips on a Facebook post. These are life transforming decisions that we need to make. I bet that some of us even know what we should be doing, yet don't. Even simple things like drinking more water. So many of us know this, but we don't do it. We don't take action on these things. Especially, those of us who are still young. When we get older, and we start to feel the effects of age, then we start to do something. What if we did that in our youth?

There's a big disconnect between our knowledge and our action. So there are things we can do that could potentially add years to our lives. Exercise and diet we know affects the body, but also creativity, something like drawing, can also help reduce your 'brain age'.

We should all be taking this knowledge that we have, and implementing it now. Today. Don't wait.

I challenge you to pick 3 things, that you probably already know, and implement them in your life. If you want some ideas, here you go:

- drink 2 liters of water a day
- sleeping 7.5 - 8 hours a day
- meditate 20 minutes daily
- eat more vegetables
- move more

- Science is showing us a lot of ways that we can learn to live longer and have a better quality of life.
- We should all be looking after our mind, body and soul. Now.
- Challenge yourself to implement 3 things that you know will improve your quality of life.


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