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Subject: CONFIRMED! Experts Academy Elite (Success!)

Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2010, 09:50

That was the subject and date from the first email I ever received from Brendon. He was introduced to me by someone called Alexandra from Greece. I can’t even remember how I got on her list or how I know her, still Alexandra gets the credit

At that time Brendon was teaching the first iteration of Experts Academy. 

In those days there was no Kajabi, no leadpages, no ‘online marketing’ as we know it today. 

Brendon is the one that is ‘inside my head’ when I am thinking of the subtleties of online marketing or high performance. At the same time, when I am out running and I feel like I can’t do any more it is Brendon that is shouting me telling me ‘Go on! You can do it!’ -- I do think that he won’t like that because he is very passionate about what he does and is one of the most caring people I know. 

The Pros of Having Brendon as A Teacher.

  • He has always been honest, truthful and breaks it down step by step. 
  • I love the way that Brendon focuses on research and evidence - a man after my own heart. 
  • He cares about his family a lot and prioritises them over and above work.
  • Brendon is close to God. You might not know it he is a practising Christian and is very solid in his faith. 
  • He is very respectful of other faiths. I was very impressed by how he asked if he could hug me (clearly I said no), and then he asked what the boundaries are for me. Very impressive. 
  • Brendon’s team is tremendous. I have not met anyone who I would not want to work with. They have his back, and he has his. I love the way that Brendon will not accept anyone messing with his people! 
  • He is always pushing his students and those in his community - I like that style. Everyone has the potential to be extraordinary, it’s just about stepping into that place. 

The Cons of Having Brendon as A Teacher. 

  • I have to travel to America. Well, the first time I saw Brendon live was at Experts Academy in London in 2013. It was the only time he did it outside the US. Had I not had this opportunity I think I would not have then signed up to be a Certified High Performance Coach, and then start to travel to the US regularly. It was a real challenge for me to travel to America post 911 because of the fear that was created in my mind. But in fact I love going to see my friends and teachers in California. 
  • Sometimes there is so much information that it is easy to get overwhelmed. Brendon does set out where to start and the next steps but it can still feel like too much information. I had to navigate my own way through that, and now look for what I need, rather than go through every single thing. 

What I recommend. 

Free - Brendons email list, FB page, instagram.

Low Cost - Books. Best one is High Performance Habits. I’ve read it several times and often listen to it while I’m out running. 

High Cost - Certified High Performance Coaching (you can find more info here - if you are interested in joining please email me at [email protected] and I am happy to advise on the best way to apply and get selected).

Exclusive - I am in Brendon’s Mastermind and am loving it!

What I have studied with Brendon - Experts Academy, High Performance Masters, Influencer Business School, Total Product Blueprint, Certified High Performance Coaching, High Performance Academy. 

What I Like About Brendon’s Approach

I am very much a research practitioner and I would say that Brendon is the same. His approach is not just to be a teacher or coach. It is to research why what is working is working, and why what is not effective is not effective. Then to change his practice and keep assessing. In my Doctorate research I am using this approach of action research and it is providing for a very rich and useful way of navigating the world. 

For my teacher and mentor to use a similar approach is hugely valuable and something I really respect. 

Do I recommend Brendon? 

Yes, with no reservations! 

Have you studied or learned from Brendon? What was your biggest highlight and insight? I’d love to know. Please comment below. 


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