Where Are You Going?

Me - We are going out now. 

Mum - Where are you going?  

Me - Haleema wants to go for a walk. 

Mum - Where are you going? 

Me - Central London 

Mum - Where are you going? 

Marble Arch? Edgware Road? John Lewis? 

Me - Only Allah knows.

Mum - Where are you going? 

Me - Only Allah knows. 

Assalaamu alaykum 

… and I then left. 

Not knowing where you are going is a very empowering thing. And trusting that God has your back is very enabling. It was OK that I had an idea of where we were travelling to. I had no idea about the destination, the transport method, or the route we would take. It was liberating.

Rather than write a long post about this I want to leave you with one thought… 

Imagine applying this to the area of your life you fear most...  You could have a huge, huge breakthrough. 


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