Recovery, Russell Brand.

I surprised myself by buying this book. I was also taken aback when I saw that I bought the audio book last year, more about that later.

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, as you do,  and I saw the image of a video that I'd seen before. This time though my audio was set to on; so the first few seconds of it played. They were enough for me to watch the rest of the video.

It was Russell Brand. In my head, I was wondering how could this man who was at the very edges of society now be giving good advice on how to overcome addiction. Without another second passing, I went to Amazon and bought his book.

I was surprised to read Russell talking about his addictions,  family upbringing, and recovery so openly and with such insight. Perhaps as an MSc student of International Politics and Religion at SOAS the guy had matured and grown. Perhaps he just recovered.

I have heard of 12 step programs before but I'd never really studied them.  I also have eaten enough chocolate and drank enough coffee and Diet Coke to know it's easy to become addicted. Dare I say, to some degree we are all in denial. Recovery helped me see that.

I must give one word of caution. I read a few chapters of the book and then as I was scrolling my Audible account looking for something else I saw that I had "owned" the book for some months. When I purchased the audio all that time ago was it a case of the quick thrill that Brand talks about in the book?  

Purchase complete,

Endorphine hit received,

Book unread (or not listened to, in my case).  

Having discovered the audio, I thought, let me listen to Brand,  he has a very engaging tone. And what a great decision that was! The audio version has so much life to it, I loved it and have listened to it again at least once more.

The only challenge,  and it is a big one for the lighthearted, is that the book is crude in parts and there is no holding back on the F-bombs. If you can get past that, and I recommend you do, then I guarantee you'll learn a lot about yourself,  your addictions, and about how to manage them.

"I don't have any addictions" you may be thinking. Yeah,  yeah. I thought that too. Thing is, we are all addicted to something,  and (even if you have been through a 12 step type program and think you have recovered) you are still on a journey.  I found the 12 steps and the way Brand communicates them entertaining and enlightening. As you go through the book you are constantly reflecting upon your own life. I love books and audios that push you and make you reflect on your own life, they provide you with a space to think. That is a good non-fiction book!

I'm putting it on my list of books I should read once a year. I recommend you give it a go and maybe you might just do the same.

Click here to order from Amazon, although other booksellers are available ;)


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