Rehab, Recovery and Results

If you have been in my circle for a while you will be aware that I experienced a life-threatening car accident in 1998. I had finished work and was driving to the gym on a warm summer's day in Glasgow. I was on the Kingston Bridge (which crosses the River Clyde as it cuts Glasgow in half, like the Thames does in London), and it started to drizzle as traffic slowly built up. The cars were “stop-starting” very, very quickly.  As a cautious driver I held back and was more careful than I would usually be. The car in front moved forward a little, and I did the same but a white van had other ideas and went into the back of my car and me. This event resulted in my car being written off. And as a result it almost wrote me off as well!  

In what seems like a lifetime (still does!) but in reality was just a few moments I was taken to the hospital on a stretcher with a head brace and the full works! I believe this incident caused one of the biggest traffic jams in Glasgow that summer! I was eventually discharged from hospital and made it back to my flat in Queens Park, Southside. I then spent the next few months sitting on the sofa unable to do much.. To the extent I was unable to even peel a potato! Having previously been fit and healthy (I was training for a half marathon when this happened) I was, by the day, becoming more and more overweight and struggling to find any real motivation in life.  

Having watched more episodes of Jeremy Kyle than I care to remember, I came to the decision that this was not how my life was meant to be. I made a decision that I was not going to believe that this was the life God had destined for me. And because I believed that God had a different plan for me I decided I needed to learn something (whatever it was) from the experience I was having. 

I then spent years in recovery and rehabilitation with a view to getting back a certain level of health and fitness (mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional fitness).

The process of rehabilitation required me to become uncomfortable and vulnerable, and accept that it would be a long journey. So here I am 20 years later and I would say that I am even better than I was before the accident. It is not possible for me to share all the lessons I learned as that would take a book or two, but the key lessons of what I learned are applicable to everyday scenarios and have served me well ever since then. I know that the process of rehabilitation and recovery requires proper planning, review and measurements. It also needs determination and courage to follow through, and a little bit of support to keep you going in tough times.

Interestingly it is the same process that I have used in order to get myself back on track with my business, and it is the same process that I teach business owners and potential business owners who are in transition. We all have certain habits and ways (it is what makes us human), and realising their impact upon us is absolutely critical when it comes to growth.

  • If you have found that you have been stuck in a certain aspect of life perhaps you are seeking some form of recovery.
  • If you are not sure of what the problem is maybe rehabilitation is a good next move for you.
  • And if you can spend far too much time relaxing then you know it is now time to make a bold move.

 It is by moving (and strategizing those moves) that you make the kind of results that you deserve. Of course you will have results if you do nothing, but those results will be based on the effort and type of effort that you are putting in

I specialise in rehab and recovery and I train for results.

It is with this combination that you gain the most opportunity to rest and relax, and do it without guilt, because you have put in the effort. It is that simple.

When it comes to personal growth I believe that we all need a push now and then. There is always another level of enhancement or improvement that we can go to. Often the nuance is subtle but the impact is significant because you experience a greater level of satisfaction with life and joy.

There are plenty of different ways that you can start the process of recovery or rehabilitation. As you can imagine the process will always be more efficient and more enjoyable when you have a coach.

If you would like to find out more about working with me just drop me an email at [email protected] and I’ll share with you the different ways we could work together.

Working with a coach will enable you to have quicker results in a bespoke fashion taking account of your personal circumstances. It is the quickest way to get results. If you are not ready to work with a coach (for whatever reason) then I recommend you do the following.

1. Read any book that you feel will assist you in discovering more about yourself and your challenges. In the last five years of reading two of the books that have had the most profound impact on my personal growth are Recovery by Russell Brand (not for everyone because of the level of swearing), and Lost Connections by Johann Hari. Take the time to read these, you will thank me later :-)

2. Make some time for reflection. When you think about your own life and what is happening to, and with, you it enables you to take a moment to pause. That moment (or even split second) can mean that you are utilising your mind, body, and soul to guide you in the right direction.  What might seem like a tiny shift can create quite significant results in the long term. So keep reflecting and considering who you are and where you are as that will help you to move forward. Even if you do this over the kitchen sink as you wash the dishes, or as you are travelling from A to B.

3. Write down your thoughts. This can be in the form of journaling, keeping a diary, or any other method that will support you to release the thoughts out of your mind! As you reflect on what you have on paper you will start to see the areas that require work first.

Once you have followed these 3 steps by yourself you are probably then ready to work with a specialist and that is when I would suggest you get a coach.  You are probably reading this and thinking Saiyyidah is always recommending coaching… Yes! I absolutely am because I know it works. I have no interest in recommending something to you that I know will not move you forward.  Coaching works simple as that. 

If you have deeper issues that have presented themselves then please seek the therapy that you need. If you are over the age of 21 and have issues that are related to your childhood experiences, trauma, or something that you can’t unblock yourself then please seek the right help that you need. In my opinion as an adult the first thing you need to do is take responsibility for yourself (if you need help with this, please message me explaining your circumstances and your blocks).

Think about it this way - if you are looking to get healthier, lose some weight, Perhaps turn up a little bit, you know that you will hire a personal trainer. Of course you could get all of the information online and do the work yourself but that would take longer than you want and you know this already! 

Similarly, if you want to start a business or to make progress in a certain area of your life you can find almost all the answers online but when you have a personal trainer, they will show you the little subtle shifts that you will miss if you are basing your training plan on what is available online and you have no one to give you feedback or show you the options for what is available. In addition you will probably spend a great deal of time thinking that you are doing the right thing when in reality a tiny little shift will give you 10 times the results, and probably save you a huge amount of time. You will also be given advice on the things that may work for you because of your certain personal circumstances

This is exactly what a coach does. The key message of this post today is to really say that you should consider hiring a coach or mentor. Of course I would much rather it be me, but if it is not me then find somebody that's you are comfortable with and get to work

Earlier I said I specialise in rehab and recovery and I train for results - this is what you are looking for: results, and the right ones that show you the progress you are making.  Find somebody that will help you to do this, or find a book, or course that will help you to do the same. 

Know that I am here to support you when you are ready :-)


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