Are You Settling In Life?


I want to start by telling you about a story involving my son. We were actually in California and he wanted to buy some new trainers.

So, my view is that he gets a pair that are fit for purpose and that will last him. It turns out that buying trainers for teenage boys is as hard as buying for teenage girls!

We went to lots of different stores and he tried on any number of pairs of trainers, but nothing seemed to fit properly. He really wanted a particular brand of shoe and so the one pair we found that fit, he wasn't that keen on.

I said to him, don't buy them because you're settling for them. It's better to get the ones that you really like, that you'll be happy with rather than just accepting something quick and easy.

I thought about this and how it applies to a lot of things in our lives. Why do we 'settle' for things? We do this so many times.

I'm not talking about the items we buy for our weekly shop. If they don't have the food item that we want we just replace it. It's not significant.

For clothing however, it matters more. Then what about our life? Our job? The environment we live in? These are the things that we should not be settling on. If we're not happy with these things then we need to take some action to change them. We must not settle in life. If we do that, we're not pushing ourselves and therefore not living intentionally and we're missing out on the life we deserve. We must get out of the comfort zone.

We live in one of three zones. There's the conflict zone where we are unhappy with our lives. There's so much going wrong and we feel overwhelmed. Then there's the comfort zone where life is easy. Then there's the challenge zone where we push ourselves to better.

For example, today is day 29 of the jump rope challenge I've been doing. It's almost over. I knew it was going to be a hard workout. I could have just not done it. No-one would know right? However, if I hadn't done it, then I'm not being true to myself and the challenge I have set myself to be better, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

We all have areas in our life where we know that we should be doing better. We have an obligation to be performing at our best, otherwise, we're just letting ourselves down.

- We settle for things too often.
- Don't settle for it, if it's not what you want.
- Aim to live in the 'challenge' zone. Push yourself to be better.


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