Does Micro-structuring Your Day Work?


Does micro-structuring your life work? Many of us struggle with how to structure our day in order to be at our most effective.

I believe, that if you do know how to structure your day it allows you to get more done. To achieve more.  I don't mean just being busy, but rather you are doing those thing that are really important.

So what it micro-structuring?

Micro-structuring is quite an easy concept. Many of us feel overwhelmed. There's so much to get done. Once we start to feel overwhelmed, then nothing gets done. When we don't get those priorities completed, then everything seems worse.

Micro-structuring your day really focuses on what you do throughout the day. Some people even set aside time for toilet breaks! That may be a bit over the top.

What I would suggest is don't use it to try and plan out your whole day as that in itself can cause overwhelm through stress that it might cause.

So let's say, do an AM and a PM structure. For example, think about the 2 or 3 hours you have in the morning and how you can structure it.

So you think about the time you have and what your priorities are for that day, and create an agenda for what you are going to do and when. How long will you spend on that task?

Then stick to it. Make sure that everything that you need during that time is ready - lunch, etc. Turn off the Smartphone if possible or at least set it aside.

You don't want any distractions that are going to slow you down. You know how dangerous they are for sucking time out of our lives. If you're on a laptop or computer, close those tabs on your browser that you don't need.

You need to be disciplined about this obviously.

So you've planned your time and now you're ready to start work. Then think about how you're going to approach that. There are a number of techniques that encourage you to work with focus, like the Pomodoro technique. You set a timer, traditionally for 25 minutes, and you work with complete focus on the task in hand for that 25 minutes. No interruptions. This is just one technique.

Something that I share with my one-to-one clients when coaching is get them to do their 2 hours of micro-structuring first thing in the morning. Micro-structure your morning routine really sets you up for the day with a sense of achievement.

We think that we can control our external environment around us, which we can to an extent. However, we need to be able to control the environment in our own heads. We need to be able to control the noise and work, with focus, on what we need to get done. To do better.

We have to be able to prioritise the things we need to get done and micro-structuring is a way to do that.

Please try it out and see how you get on. Persevere with it though. We need to train ourselves, to an extent, to be able to get good at this. Try it for a week. Just 7 days. Micro-structure a 2 hour block of your morning. Plan it out in detail and see how much more productive you are.

I'd love to know how you get on.


- If you feel overwhelmed, structuring your day can help.

- Choose a 2 hour block of time and prioritise the work you need to get done.

- Don't allow yourself to be distracted in that time by anything that isn't an emergency.



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