The Hairbrush

I bought this hair brush in Boots, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow about 25 years ago. At that time it cost me about £6. And it is still here going strong. What does this have to do with you and your ability to flourish and thrive? 

THIS post is about how people often take care of inanimate objects more than they take care of themselves. But with a little attention it is easy to take care of yourself in a way that you are experiencing joy, and feeling fully alive, and engaged with life. 

As you can see from the picture of the hair brush it has flaws, it is no longer new, and a few of the bristles are damaged. A bit like people as they get older, right? But humans still have all of the ability to do the job that they were sent on this planet to do. 

And the beauty of humans is that each one of us has a different job description, the real challenge is that 99.99999% of us have no idea what that job description says. 

Before I tell you how I took care of my hairbrush I want to point out a few things that happened in its life - 

  • It was used every day for the first six months after I bought it.
  • Then I lost it. 
  • And it remained lost for years. 
  • I found it unexpectedly in my luggage one day and I felt like I had rediscovered a long lost friend. 
  • This was the hairbrush I used the day I got married. 
  • In the last 20 years I have moved several times, somehow I have not managed to lose this hairbrush. 
  • Recently my daughter found it and she wanted to claim it as her own.
  • After much negotiation we decided to share it. 
  • This hairbrush still feels new and is in pretty good condition. It is 100% great at its job. 

When I reflect on the story of the hairbrush it reminds me a lot of the characteristics and super powers that we have as humans. 

Humans all have the ability to be kind, generous, angry, fearful, fun, age, get lost, find themselves again, share with others etc. 

It’s just sometimes people forget. They forget where they are, their purpose, until they are found again. Sometimes it takes someone else to show you the way, to help you to use your skills, to enable you to step into your role and utilise your full potential.

And all of this happens despite your flaws, your scars, the bits of you that don’t work, and everything else that goes with you. 

The most important message for me in relation to the hairbrush is knowing that it is easy for us to lose things that don’t seem important while they are with us, only to feel a loss or pain when we don’t know where they are. 

AND often the thing that we lose most of all is a part of ourselves. Let me now share with you some steps that I find very useful to stop being lost, and to take care of yourself a little bit more so that you can continue you to do your job in life regardless of whether you are a company ceo, the ceo of your home (ie homemaker :-)), a student, retired, a career professional, or even someone who is in transition and feeling a little lost. 

Whatever the reason for you feeling a little lost, know that you can be found. 

The main solution to feeling lost is love. 

Someone who loves you, you love yourself, you love something or someone. Any kind of love will do.

How to Stop Being Lost 

  1. MOVE! (Effort - a little; Cost - free; Impact - huge). Go for a walk. To do this, you just put on your shoes and go outside. Move one foot in front of the other for about 20 minutes and see where it takes you. You will enjoy the experience of breathing different air, of seeing the nature and beauty of the world (even if it is urban nature!), and you will feel better.

    A way to turbo charge your walk or movement, is to set yourself one question and just wonder about that. When people are feeling lost my first suggestion for a question to ask yourself (say it out loud) - ‘What is my purpose in life and what 1 step can I take to help fulfil that?’
  2. EAT + DRINK (Effort - hard; Cost - sometimes a saving, sometimes medium); Impact - huge). Often the feeling of being lost comes from what you are consuming, you feel lethargic and sluggish and then associate that with being lost. Keep a diary of what you are eating and the impact it has on your body and then adjust your diet and intake as necessary. The reason why the effort for this is hard is because most people know that this is helpful, and most people don’t do it! Be one of those that is careful and uses food as fuel, not food as comfort. 
  3. SLEEP (Effort - hard, because of the current device addiction; Cost - free; Impact - huge). I know, I know, I know… but sleep makes a huge difference to your mood. Remember when I lost my hairbrush above, it was resting. We all need a good rest every now and then. It is not easy for everyone to take time out and have a weekend break, what is within everyone’s gift is to sleep better. I could write a whole book on how to sleep better, but rather than do that let me tell you this… you already know the first step to take to improve your sleep. Whatever that is please do that. If you need to set an alarm to go to bed, if you know you should turn your phone off or stop watching TV in the hour before going to bed, please do that. If you know you need a sleep meditation to help you relax to go to sleep give that a go. 

I know from personal experience how important it is to find yourself, and that being lost is a gift but only one that you see in hindsight. For now, if you are lost try and enjoy that experience, but also put a date by which you want to be found. 

And, take care of yourself more than you do of the inanimate objects you love! 

Saiyyidah x


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