This Drives Me Crazy

I see so many talented people…

Who are not doing anything with the gifts that they have been given by God.

Before I say anything else, if you are a  busy mum with 3 kids and are literally going from task to task and are in the ‘logistics’ phase of your life, please know that I am not talking about you. I am also not talking about the person with 2 jobs working really hard to make ends meet, or the person who is studying in the hope that they will be able to break the ceiling set by the environment that they are currently in.

Some people just have to get through a certain phase of life before this stuff will apply.

What I am talking about is me about 7 years ago. So much talent, so much time, and so much opportunity…

But what did I do with it?

I won’t swear, but it was very little.

I had the holy trinity of business – time, talent, and opportunity!

What a waste.

BUT I did learn not to do it again, and I hope that you will benefit from my mistake.

I can tell you where I went wrong in one word.

Yes, one word can define the errors of my ways for several years.

The thing that was missing from my life was ‘implementation.’

AND this is what I see for so many people…. Talent, chances coming from nowhere, connections, time, but there is a disconnect somewhere and nothing gets done.

It’s like the bridge between where they are now and where they want to go to is broken, damaged permanently.

Well, in my opinion that is not good enough.

When bridges are broken, why not build them again?

Sometimes it needs a new material, new strategy, new something.

Yet, despite having all of the strategies and materials there is one thing that will still hold you back…

IF you don’t want it enough then your implementation will be second rate and therefore will get you second rate results.

IF you don't think you can do it then your effort will be insufficient and your entire heart and head won’t be in it.

IF you don't see how that idea or concept is aligned with your mind, body and soul then you will have an atom of your DNA that won’t believe it and it won’t materialise.


Look, I don’t need you to be the next Bill Gates, Tim Cook, or Michelle Obama. I need you to take the talents you have and decide how you want to live your life deliberately.

You know why I need you to do this?

Because I know it’s what you want as well.

We all crave balance, contentment, authenticity… whatever word you want to use at the end of the day, we are all seeking peace and freedom.

And however you want that for you, I want that for you too.

So what do you do?

I believe that everything in life is about making a decision. Why not make a decision today?

(And if you think you can’t make a decision then let me remind you of something… those clothes you are wearing right now, you selected those. That was a decision. All we now need to do is to take that ability and use it a little more!)

THE BEST WAY I HAVE FOUND TO GET MOVING ON AN IDEA is to write down what you want to do, then list at least 5 tasks that need to be done in order to gain some traction on that idea. Write those tasks in order of completion and then get on with it.

A MISTAKE that people make when they do this is that they decide to do crazy, big things like ‘memorise Qur’an, write a book, start a $million business, get married.’ None of these things is huge when you have a proper project plan, but (real talk here) you can’t do these in 5 strategic moves.

STRATEGIC MOVES is the thing that will shift you from idea to implementation.

If you’d like some advice on your 5 strategic moves then write a comment below or send a message to [email protected] and I’ll do my best to get back to you with some thoughts on your strategic moves.

PS – I have had enough of people buying courses, doing training, having ideas and not implementing. So much money, talent, and energy is wasted. Imagine what you could do if you knew how to implement the tools, techniques, and training you have learned.

Let me help you move the knowledge from your head to your heart and start moving projects forward in your life. 

Start creating your strategic moves with Implementation 2019 Challenge Week (23-27 September 2019)


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