How To Use The One Page Annual Planner


In this video I want to address planning. Planning for our lives, that is, and especially how to use the one page annual planner. It's a simple planner and a great place to start for people who've never used one before.

We often have ideas and goals for the things we want to achieve in the year ahead, but I believe that the main reason we don't achieve our goals, is that we're not planning them.

We need to start at a high level and that's where the one page annual planner comes in. It's a powerful tool and gets you to set your goals for the coming year.

Personally, I like to use it around the beginning of February, although you can use it at anytime. The reason that I like to start in February, is that December and January and August tend to be 'slump' months and the planner allows you to power through.

It's split into quarters:

Feb, Mar, Apr
May, Jun, Jul
Aug, Sep, Oct
Nov, Dec, Jan

It's very easy to use. I even get my kids to use it and they plan out their year. You can download a copy of it here.

We should all set down our annual goals. They can be quite simple. For example, one of the goals that my kids made was the number of books they wanted to read. Then they could monitor their progress throughout the year against what they'd planned.

It's an incredibly powerful tool. But the challenge is that so many adults DON'T plan like this. They just drift. Your targets are generally not going to be achieved by accident. Not the major things that we want to accomplish anyway.

By setting targets for ourselves, it keep us focused. It keeps our intention alive and we have a path to follow. By writing it down, it keeps us on track. If we leave them in our head, they get lost in the other noise that is going on in our heads. Put it somewhere that you will see it so every day you're confronted with it and you know what your deadlines are for your goals and targets. Otherwise you know what will happen. Things will just slip by and you'll continue drifting and not make the progress that you want.

Make the best of this life. Complete the planner. Set goals. Have targets and make it happen. Otherwise, this time next year, there's a good chance that you'll  be in the same place.

Please download the planner, and make good use of it. It's a small thing but it's a really valuable, essential I would say, tool that can help you plan for your life and achieve your goals.

-We all have goals, but we don't plan for them.
-Use a planner to write down your goals.
-By writing down your goals and regularly checking it, you increase your chances of achieving your goals.


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