What Happens When You Don't Decide?


Today I wanted to talk about when you DON'T decide. We probably think that we spend the bulk of our lives making good, strong decisions. I think, that we're making decisions about certain things in our lives but we ignore some of the important decisions that we should be making.

You've probably read stuff about how we remove decisions in our day such as what to wear. People will have 10 versions of the same t-shirt and jeans and that's what they wear. They've removed the decision about choosing what clothes to wear from their day because it's always pretty much the same thing. They don't have to think about it, which frees up mental space for decisions about more important things.

I think though, in reality, that a lot of people aren't making the really important decisions in their lives - quitting their job to start a business or travel; dealing with an issue at home; applying for that promotion; doing something about their education.  These are all important decisions,...


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