The Ultimate Guide To Mentoring

Mentoring is a system of semi-structured guidance whereby one person shares their knowledge, skills and experience to assist others to progress in their own lives and careers.”  (University of Cambridge)

There are many different definitions of mentoring, which will vary depending on the context, as mentoring can occur in, for example, an education, industry or third sector environment.

Mentoring is not simply advising or passing on experience, it is also about motivating and empowering the person to identify their own issues and goals and work towards resolving and reaching them. Mentoring “tends to focus on the future, and broader skills for personal or career development,” (Skills You Need) (as opposed to coaching, which focuses on current problems). Mentoring is different from coaching if you want to know what coaching is then please read this Liberation Club post.

As a mentee, you are able to achieve and work towards realistic goals in a more...


Where are you spending your energy?

Are you spending your energy working on a vision that isn't aligned with who you are? 
Are you sacrificing the beautiful life you could have because of someone else's agenda, or because you haven't spent time working on what is important to you? 
Don't set the bar to low by focusing on something that isn't right for you. 
Don't set the bar to high and be totally unrealistic. 
There is a huge range in between.
So where should you set what you want to achieve on your life? 
Well that's up to you. 
Every goal you want in your life has a cost. A price. The price is the effort you are willing to put in. 
You can't have a great marriage without being a good spouse. 
You can't be a good parent if you don't think about the example you are seeing for your children,  no matter how old they are. 
If you set the bar high you'll need to work for it but it will be worth it. If...

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