Are You Settling In Life?


I want to start by telling you about a story involving my son. We were actually in California and he wanted to buy some new trainers.

So, my view is that he gets a pair that are fit for purpose and that will last him. It turns out that buying trainers for teenage boys is as hard as buying for teenage girls!

We went to lots of different stores and he tried on any number of pairs of trainers, but nothing seemed to fit properly. He really wanted a particular brand of shoe and so the one pair we found that fit, he wasn't that keen on.

I said to him, don't buy them because you're settling for them. It's better to get the ones that you really like, that you'll be happy with rather than just accepting something quick and easy.

I thought about this and how it applies to a lot of things in our lives. Why do we 'settle' for things? We do this so many times.

I'm not talking about the items we buy for our weekly shop. If they don't have the food item that we want we just replace it. It's...


OK Is Not Enough. You Need A Coach

The following is compiled from a number of posts listed at the end which summarise the reasons you may consider getting a coach. At The Liberation Club we believe that everyone should have a coach because you can continuously improve, but let’s see what we can find for you…

Are you stuck with no direction?

You need help getting to the next level, despite the fact that you may have achieved a lot already. If you are facing big decisions about life changes, such as taking a new job or getting divorced, a coach can offer you guidance that is objective and unbiased, helping you to determine what genuinely matters to you, and any deconstruct any inner voices you experience, while considering the path to take. If you feel directionless and unsure of where to go, a coach will fix this by helping you focus on and figure out your goals and purpose. Once you have a goal, a coach will be able to help you plan out manageable steps in order to slowly but surely work towards...


Where are you spending your energy?

Are you spending your energy working on a vision that isn't aligned with who you are? 
Are you sacrificing the beautiful life you could have because of someone else's agenda, or because you haven't spent time working on what is important to you? 
Don't set the bar to low by focusing on something that isn't right for you. 
Don't set the bar to high and be totally unrealistic. 
There is a huge range in between.
So where should you set what you want to achieve on your life? 
Well that's up to you. 
Every goal you want in your life has a cost. A price. The price is the effort you are willing to put in. 
You can't have a great marriage without being a good spouse. 
You can't be a good parent if you don't think about the example you are seeing for your children,  no matter how old they are. 
If you set the bar high you'll need to work for it but it will be worth it. If...

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