Living The Hygge Way

I recently learnt about the Danish concept of 'hygge'. In fact, as I was researching to write this post I saw that The Independent even wrote about hygge recently!

I haven’t made it to Denmark or Norway yet but I went to Sweden last year and loved it – there was so much to reflect on, and I feel as if I saw a lot of hygge in Sweden! I had no idea that there is a debate about whether the origins of hygge are Norwegian or Danish. Let’s say it's Scandanavian and hopefully, everyone is happy . There is even a debate about how the word is pronounced - some say hue-gah, others who-guh or heurgha. Like with a lot of things it all depends on the expert you talk to. When I explain what it is you’ll understand why I’d like to think of it as you giving yourself a big hug too and is pronounced hug-gi!

If the Norwegian origin is correct then hygge means wellbeing, if it's the Danish one then the best way to describe it is that it's a feeling or a mood which comes from...


The Liberation Club

Liberation is a big word. It is a powerful word. It is a strong word. It is one that I LOVE! 

Liberation is more than just freedom, it is a kind of earth shattering, ground quacking, lip smacking goodness that comes when your physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual freedom come from within you. Liberation is the place where the adventure of your life begins.

When I realised the power of the word liberation I felt as if the reason for my entire existence made sense. I am not here to fit into someones stereotype of what I should be. Look, there are 7 billion people on this planet and there are not 2 of us that are the same. Let's embrace who we are, what we stand for, our flaws, our kinks, and our greatness. Lets make a decision right now to be free. 

I have been blessed to have had some pretty amazing experiences in my life. OK, I had to wait about 42 years before I was able to but to be able to swim in the Indian Ocean in Bali, to see the whales in...


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