Hi, I'm Saiyyidah

/say-ee-dah/  definition: female leader
I am results oriented, soul focused, problem solver.
I help ambitious people fix problems and progress in life and business with evidence based courses, coaching and consultancy.

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Saiyyidah helps people in 2 ways:

How to fix problems with courses designed to deal with a specific issue.

How to facilitate progress between where you are now and where you want to be.

Why you might want to work with Saiyyidah. 

- You are in transition and need some help to get clarity on where you want to go.

- You have tried “everything else” and need some help to make progress.

- You’re feeling overwhelmed and need help to decide what’s important and what you can let go of.

- You need to establish routine in your life.

- You’re thinking of starting a business and need some ‘hand-holding’ to get you started.

- You’re looking for a promotion at work, but aren’t sure how to go about it.

- You feel like you’re not productive in your life and know you’re capable of more.

- You struggle with finances and need some help getting your budget in order.

- You’re a professional looking to make that next step in your life and are seeking some advice on which way to go.

- You want to do more, but are lacking in motivation.

- You want to establish consistency with your life routines.

- You know you are made for more and you are not sure of how to make it happen.

Business experience

She was a director in local government responsible for the regeneration of the education estate with a budget of $500,000,000.00

She was the co-owner of an Amazon business started from scratch and now sold on

She has been coaching and mentoring face to face and online since 2010 while working with people all over the world. 

Saiyyidah was the Chair of Governors of an inner London secondary school, and Chair of a housing Arms Length Management Organisation.

She has learned and been mentored by world leaders in coaching and leadership. Including Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Muhammad AlShareef, Lisa Nichols, Ajit Nawalkha, Neeta Bhushan. 

Life experience

Saiyyidah got her first job when she was 11 working with able bodied and disabled young people. 

She almost died after a car accident in 1998 while traveling to the gym, and after almost 20 years was able to run a half marathon again. 

She travelled the world with her husband and children while working with her laptop as her office.

Saiyyidah has spent much of her life in academic research and practical application and testing of theories in the real world. This gives her a practical, pragmatic approach which is always challenging the status quo.

Saiyyidah's qualifications

- Mental Health First Aid, London, March 2019

- Foundation Mediation Training, Society of Mediators, CMC, CIArb, & Bar Council recognised, London, 2019.

- Faith Dispute Resolution, CMC recognised, London, 2018.

- Certified High Performance Coaching, High Performance Institute 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

- Meyler Campbell Business Coaching Programme accredited by Worldwide Association of Business Coaches and Solicitors Regulation Authority, 2010/11.

- Doctorate Practical Theology, Glasgow University (2013- current)

MSc Applied Positive Psychology, Distinction Grade, 2010-12. UEL, London

- Project Directors Development Programme UCL/ Local Partnerships, 2009/10.

- Academy for Executive Leadership Improvement and Development Agency, 2007/08.

- Gateway Review training Local Partnerships, April 08.

- Director Training Ascham Homes, accredited by Middlesex University, 2005/7.

- MSc Construction Economics & Management, Distinction Grade awarded. UCL, London

- RIBA Part 3- Certificate in Professional Practice 1999. Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow

- Bachelors of Architecture 1995, Diploma in Architecture 1997

How To Work With Saiyyidah


Saiyyidah has courses online where she will support you on specific problems

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Coaching + Mentoring

Saiyyidah coaches and mentors in groups both online and face to face

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Saiyyidah works with individuals one to one as your partner in life or business

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"Saiyyidah is one of the best people I have ever worked with.."

Muhammad Al Shareef
President, Al Maghrib Institute

"Saiyyidah is courageous and highly skilled consultant who is empowering other women to become successful entrepreneurs. She has done her homework and is well positioned to provide value to her clients."

Margie Meacham
Author and Learning Consultant

"As a self employed entrepreneur before I started working with Saiyyidah I was all over the place in my health and internally. Since working with Saiyyidah I have gained clarity and focus, launched a new business, a new online training course, and ran the Paris Marathon! I went from unhealthy and unfocused to disciplined and healthy. Saiyyidah is able to combine high performance with positive psychology and help me identify why I was holding myself back. Many of the things she suggested I knew but through working with Saiyyidah I did the work, built a plan, took action and made it happen. Saiyyidah has a way of pushing you along in what appears to be soft, but she has a strong will and an iron fist! She will push you when needed and support you when required! If you are considering working with Saiyyidah I'd definitely recommend it, it is worth the time and the money!"

Steeve Lamontagne
Amazon Business Owner, Trainer, and Public Speaker.

"Saiyyidah is positive, driven and straight to the point. She will tell you things about your mindset, time management and strategy that you may not want to hear, but that you know, deep down are true. I have benefited from her tremendously."

Na'ima Roberts
Founding Editor-in-Chief at SISTERS

"Saiyyidah has been an inspiration to me since the day I met her. Through her life coaching training and her background in positive psychology she helped me have clarity in my life and motivated me to see my potential. I highly recommend saiyyidah for those who seek clarity and motivation in life looking for a higher version of themselves. Saiyyidah has an amazing way of making complicated issues seem so simple and help you find the solution to your challenges. I have worked with may coaches and counsellors before but saiyyidah has been the best."

Amna Salamah Morrar

"Saiyyidah is very focused and gets the job done in the best way for those she works with.  She is extremely valuable in any team and is one of the best motivators I have come across. Saiyyidah is able to teach a lot of content in a very efficient short space of time that is actually useable and can be implemented without too much difficulty."

Asim Mirza
Pharmacist & Clinical Director

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