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Business Coaching

Want to start, run or grow your business? You are in the right place. We will help you to liberate your life and through your business or your career. Let me support your work life dreams becoming a reality.

High Performance

Being and living extraordinary starts with a deliberate decision and I invite you to take that now. Let me help you to increase your Clarity, Energy, Courage, Necessity, Productivity, and Influence.

Personal Development

To the point personal development with tools and interventions that change your situation and enable you to grow immediately. You don't need to know everything, you just need to know the next step. Let me help you with that. 

Meet Saiyyidah

Saiyyidah is in your corner supporting and fighting the  cause of your personal and professional growth. In some ways Saiyyidah is 'just a mum.' In others she has been inspiring people all over the world to live life on their terms, to be liberated and to be free. Saiyyidah has faced a number of difficult challenges in her life from being saved in a life changing car accident which ended up leaving her disabled, to having to make the decision to leave a war torn country within days to protect herself and her family. 

Saiyyidah is a Certified High Performance Coach and is recognised by the High Performance Institute and Brendon Burchard as one of 10 members of The 4 Year Club. She is also a world class business coach having been trained by Meyler Cambpell in the UK.

Saiyyidah has been a working mum, previous director in local authority, stay at home parent, carer, driven career woman, and more laid back stay at home wife. Saiyyidah had her first business at 11 when she sold lemonade outside the front door, she also had a unsuccessful T shirt and jewellery stall at Camden Market in London which resulted in a more traditional career option of university and job! More recently Saiyyidah has had personal success in business with her own product based businesses, magazine, coaching practice, property portfolio, and online training organisation. 

Saiyyidah believes her success only comes from your success and is here to support you and champion you. Having started travelling late in life her motto now is 'let the adventure begin' and Saiyyidah invites to you to allow you to let your adventure start here. 

"Saiyyidah is one of the best people I have ever worked with.."

Muhammad Al Shareef
President, Al Maghrib Institute

"Saiyyidah is courageous and highly skilled consultant who is empowering other women to become successful entrepreneurs. She has done her homework and is well positioned to provide value to her clients."

Margie Meacham
Author and Learning Consultant

"As a self employed entrepreneur before I started working with Saiyyidah I was all over the place in my health and internally. Since working with Saiyyidah I have gained clarity and focus, launched a new business, a new online training course, and ran the Paris Marathon! I went from unhealthy and unfocused to disciplined and healthy. Saiyyidah is able to combine high performance with positive psychology and help me identify why I was holding myself back. Many of the things she suggested I knew but through working with Saiyyidah I did the work, built a plan, took action and made it happen. Saiyyidah has a way of pushing you along in what appears to be soft, but she has a strong will and an iron fist! She will push you when needed and support you when required! If you are considering working with Saiyyidah I'd definitely recommend it, it is worth the time and the money!"

Steeve Lamontagne
Amazon Business Owner, Trainer, and Public Speaker.

"Saiyyidah is positive, driven and straight to the point. She will tell you things about your mindset, time management and strategy that you may not want to hear, but that you know, deep down are true. I have benefited from her tremendously."

Na'ima Roberts
Founding Editor-in-Chief at SISTERS

"Saiyyidah has been an inspiration to me since the day I met her. Through her life coaching training and her background in positive psychology she helped me have clarity in my life and motivated me to see my potential. I highly recommend saiyyidah for those who seek clarity and motivation in life looking for a higher version of themselves. Saiyyidah has an amazing way of making complicated issues seem so simple and help you find the solution to your challenges. I have worked with may coaches and counsellors before but saiyyidah has been the best."

Amna Salamah Morrar

"Saiyyidah is very focused and gets the job done in the best way for those she works with.  She is extremely valuable in any team and is one of the best motivators I have come across. Saiyyidah is able to teach a lot of content in a very efficient short space of time that is actually useable and can be implemented without too much difficulty."

Asim Mirza
Pharmacist & Clinical Director

Free Access to Saiyyidah's Strategies

Join 21,000+ subscribers! Get 5 new strategies every week on how to be more effective, confident, and get results!


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Free Access to Saiyyidah's Strategies

Join 20,000+ subscribers! Get 5 new strategies every week on how to be more effective, confident, and get results!