What To Do If You Have Lost Your Focus


This is a really important topic. So many of us get distracted in life and we end up following our thoughts in the moment, and it's challenging to regain your focus and get back on track again. Allowing you to focus on what you should be doing pro-actively, rather than just reacting to things that are happening.

When we feel that we have momentum in our lives and something comes along that breaks our focus can be devastating. Getting back on track can be very hard, required real effort to get back on track and get your momentum going again.

What can you do to stop getting stuck in the 'black hole' of lack of focus. Where your mind just feels cluttered.

First of all, remind yourself about why you're doing what you're doing. Be aware of the purpose of your actions. This applies to your personal and private life. Fix this, and you can quickly get back on track with things.

Also, make a list of what you need to get done. You can keep coming back to it to help you stay focussed.



What To Do When You Have More Month Than Money


Managing our finances is a critical skill. Many times we come up against the old saying "Too much month at the end of the money". It's rarely the other way around!

Many people get to this point and aren't sure about what to do about it or how to cope with it. Obviously, not having enough money leads to so many problems. It's stressful and can cause a domino effect on other parts and people in our lives.

I know what this situation is like. I've been there. We all have had financial targets that couldn't have been met if we didn't manage our money at the time.

Yet, many people still end up in this position. I've even met millionaires who have this problem, believe it or not! I know people who you might consider to be living on the breadline, but have a good quality of life. The majority of time, I think it's not the amount of money you have but rather it's the approach you take to money.

So what do we do in this situation? How do we avoid going in to debt.

One thing you could do is...


5 Ways A Checklist Will Transform Your Life


Checklists. One of my number one tools. They're so useful and I use them pretty much everywhere and for everything.

The main reason, for me, behind the power of the simple checklist is that when you write it down, it makes a commitment from you to do that thing.

Using checklists can take your from uncertainty to clarity. It might sound like hyperbole but they can even save lives! That's right. I read about a surgeon who uses checklists to make sure that the operations, especially complex ones, have a better success rate.

When I put a checklist together, I'm thinking about what it is I need to get done. Kind of like a recipe - you have the things you need, and you have the process of cooking. This is the checklist in essence.

You can apply this to many areas of your life. It could be a checklist for a party, a packing list, a shopping list, anything! My son uses them to make sure that he has everything he needs for the activities he does. So he has a checklist for football, a...


Are You Settling In Life?


I want to start by telling you about a story involving my son. We were actually in California and he wanted to buy some new trainers.

So, my view is that he gets a pair that are fit for purpose and that will last him. It turns out that buying trainers for teenage boys is as hard as buying for teenage girls!

We went to lots of different stores and he tried on any number of pairs of trainers, but nothing seemed to fit properly. He really wanted a particular brand of shoe and so the one pair we found that fit, he wasn't that keen on.

I said to him, don't buy them because you're settling for them. It's better to get the ones that you really like, that you'll be happy with rather than just accepting something quick and easy.

I thought about this and how it applies to a lot of things in our lives. Why do we 'settle' for things? We do this so many times.

I'm not talking about the items we buy for our weekly shop. If they don't have the food item that we want we just replace it. It's...


Does Micro-structuring Your Day Work?


Does micro-structuring your life work? Many of us struggle with how to structure our day in order to be at our most effective.

I believe, that if you do know how to structure your day it allows you to get more done. To achieve more.  I don't mean just being busy, but rather you are doing those thing that are really important.

So what it micro-structuring?

Micro-structuring is quite an easy concept. Many of us feel overwhelmed. There's so much to get done. Once we start to feel overwhelmed, then nothing gets done. When we don't get those priorities completed, then everything seems worse.

Micro-structuring your day really focuses on what you do throughout the day. Some people even set aside time for toilet breaks! That may be a bit over the top.

What I would suggest is don't use it to try and plan out your whole day as that in itself can cause overwhelm through stress that it might cause.

So let's say, do an AM and a PM structure. For example, think about the 2 or 3 hours...


Are You Open To Feedback?


How open are you to feedback? This is quite an interesting question I thought. I was watching a TV programme with my son about angel investment into small restaurants. You might have seen this on the BBC.

As part of the process people, (usually food stall holders), present their food to a small group of potential investors and then they are given a pop-up restaurant in Manchester to run for a dinner serving and then a lunch serving the next day. The investors come and eat again in the restaurant and gauge the atmosphere, the quality of the food, the customer experience, etc. Then they decide if they want to invest.

Anyway, there was a vegan chef who wanted to move from a market stall setup, to running a West End restaurant in London and she was looking for a £1 million investment.

Her food looked great and got good feedback from the investors, however, when during the running the restaurant phase, she had a lot of challenges which were critical to whether an investor was...


How To Use The One Page Annual Planner


In this video I want to address planning. Planning for our lives, that is, and especially how to use the one page annual planner. It's a simple planner and a great place to start for people who've never used one before.

We often have ideas and goals for the things we want to achieve in the year ahead, but I believe that the main reason we don't achieve our goals, is that we're not planning them.

We need to start at a high level and that's where the one page annual planner comes in. It's a powerful tool and gets you to set your goals for the coming year.

Personally, I like to use it around the beginning of February, although you can use it at anytime. The reason that I like to start in February, is that December and January and August tend to be 'slump' months and the planner allows you to power through.

It's split into quarters:

Feb, Mar, Apr
May, Jun, Jul
Aug, Sep, Oct
Nov, Dec, Jan

It's very easy to use. I even get my kids to use it and they plan out their year. You can download...


What Happens When You Don't Decide?


Today I wanted to talk about when you DON'T decide. We probably think that we spend the bulk of our lives making good, strong decisions. I think, that we're making decisions about certain things in our lives but we ignore some of the important decisions that we should be making.

You've probably read stuff about how we remove decisions in our day such as what to wear. People will have 10 versions of the same t-shirt and jeans and that's what they wear. They've removed the decision about choosing what clothes to wear from their day because it's always pretty much the same thing. They don't have to think about it, which frees up mental space for decisions about more important things.

I think though, in reality, that a lot of people aren't making the really important decisions in their lives - quitting their job to start a business or travel; dealing with an issue at home; applying for that promotion; doing something about their education.  These are all important decisions,...


The Biggest Mistake People Make When Being Consistent


I'd made a decision to take my lunch to the gym with me today, as I knew I was going to have a heavy session, so I thought I'd rather eat before walking home past all the shops and getting tempted! Anyway, whilst eating, I got talking to one of the personal trainers there.

During the conversation it came up that I'd been going to the gym for about a year now, pretty consistently bar a few trips abroad. Here's the interesting thing though. It occurred to me that there's a mistake people make when being consistent. I suspect that this might be happening in your life.

What I realized is that I'm being consistent in going to the gym but despite being consistent and going regularly my target was wrong. My target had been to go consistently but there was no challenge, beyond going, that would help me improve. Going through the process itself doesn't necessarily give you the results you're looking for.

Think about it this way. If you have a prayer practice or meditation practice....


What knowledge are you ignoring?


We have a huge amount of knowledge and information that we have access to, yet we ignore it.

Today, I was re-arranging my book shelf when I came across a book that I owned, that I have been trying to find in my local libraries! This got me thinking about how much knowledge we have, or is accessible to us that we simply ignore. We don't use it. I find it really strange that we don't tap into that information. The books are just left on the shelf, the courses are done and any advice we've received, we ignore. Bizarre!

All of this has a cost to it which should be acknowledged. It might mean giving something up or having to start doing something that you're not already doing.

Gaining knowledge is very simple in some respects, but the implementation of that knowledge is the challenging bit.

For example, we know that we could probably all be fitter and healthier. We know what we need to do - exercise and eat better. We have the knowledge.

A couple of years ago, my husband bought me...

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