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May 05, 2024

​​​​I have had an unusually relaxing Sunday today. I woke up early and did my breathing practice, and a few hours later went for a walk with my husband to Walthamstow Wetlands. This afternoon I have been catching up on things that are overdue in relation to my writing — if you are reading this and I promised you an essay/revised chapter/proposal then I am sorry... I am working on it, promise. 

I've been spending a lot of my time thinking about longevity and legacy. A few years ago after I completed my Doctoral studies, Black liberation theologist Professor Anthony Reddie (one of my supervisors) and I were speaking about what I would do next. He said to me 'Saiyyidah, you know the thing is after you have gone one of the things that will be left is your writing. So you must continue to write and share.' Those words entered my being and viscerally changed me.  

But I think I took on too much. Earlier this year, at one point I had 4 journal article/book chapters to complete... you have to remember that that kind of writing is a side hustle for me, it is not my main thing and I do not want it to become my main thing. On the walk today I realised that 'writing for pleasure' was now making me unhappy because I'd taken on too much. 

Can you recall the last thing that you enjoyed and then no longer enjoyed because you did too much of it? 

I believe it is important for us to do things in moderation... but often it is easy to get carried away. 

Let me tell you how I got carried away, so that — hopefully — you learn from me...

A few weeks ago I adopted the word 'adventure' as the word for my life... and certainly the word I am using for experimentation for the rest of 2024. My calendar is now full of various things I will be sharing with you in the coming months... BUT this morning, I saw that Cancer Research has a May challenge to walk 100 miles in the month, and I decided that I would add this to my May... the month that started 5 day ago. 

Why would I add that adventure to my schedule? 

 And that is when I realised that 'everything in moderation' is as important as the idea of moderation. 

In the desire to continuously improve we have to also be balanced and not take on too much. A client of mine told me about a walking marathon they did a few years ago. Before she finished telling us about it, the idea of walking the London marathon was added to my list of things I want to do for 2025. (Honestly, having run a marathon and some half marathons in my 20's I no longer want to do that to my ageing body... but walking I can do). And so as my brain whirred away it decided that walking 100 miles in May would be a good idea... 

Luckily, my higher consciousness kicked in and said 'no Saiyyidah... not yet.' It knew what moderation was even when my brain wanted me to do it immediately. 

And so, here I am, going on various adventures in May — the next email will be written as I go on a long weekend in Morocco — focusing on moderation. 

I invite you to consider where in your life would the idea of moderation - or slowing down a little - would support you? 

— What would that be?

— How would you be moderate/slow down?

— What would that mean for you?

Allow yourself a minute or two to reflect further.... 

I'll see you next week.

All my best,


The Space

PS – Some pictures from last week...

1 & 2 - Proof that I am really going to the gym! The grey and black bands tell an interesting story... My PT gave me the grey one (medium), I was convinced I should use the black one (heavy). And after using the black one I ended up changing to grey. It was a real life lesson in listening to people who know more than you about certain things! 

3 & 4 - A couple of photos of Oxford Circus, London, last Wednesday when the sun decided to shine. It made me soooo happy! 

5 - I finally went into a Charlotte Tilbury store in London, and was matched for skin care. It was a delightful experience and I was really taken care of. 

6 & 7 - Pictures from Walthamstow Wetlands visit earlier today. 


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