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how will I cope?

Jun 02, 2024

(The pictures above are: 1 & 2 - a hidden coffee shop that I walked past twice before I eventually fount it! 3 - some steps near a train station in east London that mesmorised me!  4 - I had to buy a new rucksack. This one was unused and purchased a month ago... but look, something so small can break and render it unusable because that one piece is what would have held my walking sticks in place! 5 - I can't believe it myself. I 'pulled' 70kg in weight as part of my training this week! 6 & 7 - The book I will be taking with me 'Comfortable with Uncertainty' by Prem Chodron)

I wrote these reflections and thoughts as I prepared to travel to somewhere in the HIghlands of Scotland. I am going on a Living Wild hike to Knoydart which is described as 'the UK's last remaining wilderness.' With a group of 9 other women I will be travelling to Mallaig and ending in Long Beach Campsite which is literally a beach.

I will share more about my adventures when I get back. 

As I sat down to write this email my daughter left to go out for the day. Her words to me 'Mum you've got this. I can't believe you are doing the equivalent of two Duke of Edinburgh expeditions in one go! You'll have a great time. Remember when you are walking through the mud, when its raining, when its cold, you can do this.' 

Yes, I can! I thought to myself.

However, the most challenging part will not be the mud, cold, or rain... Like most people alive today with a smart phone/internet access of some sort, the most difficult part for me will be having no phone signal or internet access for a week. No communications (don't worry as this is a well trodden path, safety procedures are in place etc.). I am not sure what I am most challenged by - lack of communications or not knowing what is going on.

Of course it will be wonderful to be without a phone for a week but so many things are coming up for me! Usually when someone is on holiday they do still check their email/WhatsApp... occasionally.

To really be inaccessible for a week feels both amazing and a challenge. 

- Will I have hundreds of emails to respond to when I get back?

- What emergencies will happen while I am away?

- Will everything be ok and continue without me? Of course it will. 

I find it fascinating how we create so much self-importance...

What is that about?

I think it is more about not knowing what is happening, with projects and people moving forward and along in daily life, without any intervention from the traveller...

I work very hard to make those who I work with self-reliant, and not dependent upon me as their coach/advisor/tutor/mentor...

So, it feels as if the concern I have is more about me and my lack of contact, rather than people relying on me.

And that is where we then go full circle - What news will I miss out on?  What will happen in my absence? What things will take place that I will have retrospective fomo (fear of missing out) about?

And at the same time, I can't wait to go for a week off grid, in 100% nature, pitch black nights, sleeping by the water. 

Questions I am taking with me are:

- Why is nature important to you?

- How can you connect more with people by being away?

- What can you let go of as you disconnect? 

I invite you to reflect on these, or whatever question is important for you, in the next week. 

The group I am going with say 'We reckon all adventures begin when we step outside our front door' (Bilbo).' To that I respond 'I think I'm ready for another adventure' (Bilbo Baggins). And I am stepping out literally... into the wild! 

I'll email you with an update and some photos (of course) from Knoydart! 

All my best,



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