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moving in and out of yourself

Feb 04, 2024

Something I haven't done for a while on a Sunday was to cycle on my stationary bike. As I did my class this morning Robin Arzon, my instructor said 'You woke up today. Might as well be a bad ass.' 

That reminded me of the obvious - I did wake up today... and I have things to, stuff to get done. And in this period between the weekend I give myself permission to think about the week ahead, while I lean a little bit more into the weekend. 

This is what I mean by moving and in and out of yourself. 

Last week I had a range of conversations - planning, new introductions, coaching, supervision, and catching up - in all of them at some point the same theme came up. How do we understand ourselves (and others) better? 

In my opinion, self reflection, acknowledging, and understanding are the journeys of a lifetime. And it is these things that elements that enable us to be more of ourselves. I continue to listen to William Bridges book Transitions and go a little bit deeper into myself: 

oh... thats why I made that change

oh... thats why I left that job

oh... that is why I like this thing.

And when I understand myself better I feel as if I get you a little more too.

Funny isn't it, we have to do the work ourselves first! 

With that in mind I invite you to the 'I am from' workshop that I mentioned in last weeks message. You can find out more here - it is on Friday 23 February, 2024, from 14:30-16:00 UK time. It would be lovely to see you there. 

I am going to get a little personal now and share an image that came up in a creative supervision session that I did where I was exploring my diary and organization - you know that this is one of my sweet spots! 

I realized I have ever so slightly taken on too much - partly because a number of things that I had been negotiating for a while all happened in a short space of time... I will share these things with you as and when they become public! But it was too much. I described my diary like a Faberge egg - precious, strong, fragile, valuable, and important. It was a Faberge egg with a bandaid because it had been slightly damaged and needed time to recover. 

After my session was over I re-jigged a few things and it felt like things were settled again.  One or two things being out of place can feel destabalizing. 

And it is allowing ourselves to move in and out of our body, our mind, our day, our experiences that creates stability. 

As you go into the week, I invite you to reflect on where will you find your stability next week? What will you do that will enable you to feel more settled in yourself? How will you be? 

Have a great week,

All my best,


PS - Remember to take a look at the I am from Workshop here



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