A Story of Vulnerability

Vulnerability is something that does not come easy to many people. I know this because I have tried to be vulnerable for many many years. From Brene Brown's work we all know that vulnerability enables us to be much more authentic and give more back to those who love and care for us, as well as those who we work with. We also know that being vulnerable is hard. 

Most people have been hurt at some point in their life, and the difficulty to be vulnerable seems to stem from that. It could be...


This is ME. Who are YOU?

As Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand once said ‘enough is enough,’ 'no more tears.'

Right now I am both annoyed with myself, and a little relieved. 

I have spent almost 50 years of my life trying to be ‘normal,’ be a people pleaser, prioritise others over me, be like others, copy others, listen to others advice and comments, and not do the thing that my core was yelling at me to do. 

I have no idea what sparked the change but something has happened...


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