What knowledge are you ignoring?


We have a huge amount of knowledge and information that we have access to, yet we ignore it.

Today, I was re-arranging my book shelf when I came across a book that I owned, that I have been trying to find in my local libraries! This got me thinking about how much knowledge we have, or is accessible to us that we simply ignore. We don't use it. I find it really strange that we don't tap into that information. The books are just left on the shelf, the courses are done and any advice we've received, we ignore. Bizarre!

All of this has a cost to it which should be acknowledged. It might mean giving something up or having to start doing something that you're not already doing.

Gaining knowledge is very simple in some respects, but the implementation of that knowledge is the challenging bit.

For example, we know that we could probably all be fitter and healthier. We know what we need to do - exercise and eat better. We have the knowledge.

A couple of years ago, my husband bought me...


How To Change Your Mood


In this video I talk about how you can change your mood.

In case you don't know, I'm a certified High Performance coach. I've been developing my practice as a coach and looking at the nuances of how people can live as their best selves.

Today, I want to talk about a few things you can do to change your mood if you're feeling fed up or just generally down in the dumps. Maybe you feel a lot of negativity in your life? I want to help you move to a place that makes you feel better about your situation.

Your mood and mindset really govern how you enjoy your day. Even though you could be in a tough situation, but your mindset is such that you have a much better experience.

First of all acknowledge that there's a situation or feeling that needs to change.

First, think about the words that you use to describe yourself, or the situation that you're in. Are those words negative words? Are the words that you could use instead that are more empowering? By doing this simple thing you can...


The Brain Rules The Body


In this video I want to talk about the important relationship between the brain and body.

I've been reading an interesting book and one of the sentences that has stayed with is 'The brain rules the body'.

No matter what it is that we want to do, the relationship between what we desire and our bodies, when we develop the mindset to make that thing happen, the body falls into place and supports you in achieving that goal.

But where are the limits? I think we set those limits ourselves. When we look at some people, we wonder 'How did they achieve that?'. If we look at the example of Roger Bannister who was the first man to run a mile under 4 minutes. Some thought it impossible, but when he did it, others started doing it as well. The mental limits that people thought existed had been removed.

When we look at the marathon, there's a number of attempts to do the marathon under 2 hours. That's the next big goal. Now, it hasn't been done yet, but what do you think will happen once...


Coaching Lessons From A 5 Year Old

In this video I share a few lessons I learned from some kids who came round to the house about a week ago.

I'm that Auntie that the nieces and nephews are a little bit scared of (because I'm the one who will tell them off!) but, they know that I also give them interesting things to do and think about.

On this day, I happened to give some advice to 7 kids, all aged under 8. In essence, I got them to make some checklists. I didn't make them. They did. They had ownership of the process. So they made the checklists, they monitored their progress on a daily basis and made a self-assessment.

Anyway, today, their parents sent me the results of how they've been getting on and I learned some valuable lessons which I share with you in the video . They got a lot done! This is how results happen!


It's amazing what you can learn and from who.

The benefits you can get from the simple checklist.

Give children ownership of their own projects.


1. Results Resolution -...


I Need A Coach

The coaching market is becoming more and more complicated with increasing numbers and types of coaches. The offer, skills and experience varies incredibly and can be very disorientating for someone new to the world of coaching. The key question here is how do you increase your chances of hiring the right coach to meet your needs. As someone who has extensive coaching experience and training, I believe that coaching can have a significant impact in the life of an individual in the area of professional and personal growth.

There are many reasons why someone hires a coach and many reasons why we do not. A coach is not for everyone. But, if you are ready for it, a good coach can really help you by assessing your abilities and limiters from the outside and make suggestions on how you can improve. As there are so many unqualified coaches out there it can take time to find the right coach - someone you respect and has the knowledge necessary to assist you. A coach that works for your best...


The Ultimate Guide To Mentoring

Mentoring is a system of semi-structured guidance whereby one person shares their knowledge, skills and experience to assist others to progress in their own lives and careers.”  (University of Cambridge)

There are many different definitions of mentoring, which will vary depending on the context, as mentoring can occur in, for example, an education, industry or third sector environment.

Mentoring is not simply advising or passing on experience, it is also about motivating and empowering the person to identify their own issues and goals and work towards resolving and reaching them. Mentoring “tends to focus on the future, and broader skills for personal or career development,” (Skills You Need) (as opposed to coaching, which focuses on current problems). Mentoring is different from coaching if you want to know what coaching is then please read this Liberation Club post.

As a mentee, you are able to achieve and work towards realistic goals in a more...


We’ve All Heard The Term, But What Exactly Is Coaching?

Coaching is a process that aims to “improve performance” and focuses on the present rather than the future. Coaching is considered by some as “a facilitator of learning,” meaning that they are trained in helping an individual to unlock their own potential, rather than as an expert in a subject.

It also emphasises the difference between a teacher and a coach: while a teacher teaches, a coach will help the individual to learn and improve their performance.

Therefore, a good coach will always believe the individual has the answer to their own problems, but may need help in finding the answer. Coaching involves the belief that “an individual has the answers to their own problems within them.” The key skill of coaching is asking the right questions to help the individual work through their own issues.

“The Inner Game of Tennis” by Timothy Gallwey discusses an “inner voice” that is the biggest obstacle to success, rather than...


OK Is Not Enough. You Need A Coach

The following is compiled from a number of posts listed at the end which summarise the reasons you may consider getting a coach. At The Liberation Club we believe that everyone should have a coach because you can continuously improve, but let’s see what we can find for you…

Are you stuck with no direction?

You need help getting to the next level, despite the fact that you may have achieved a lot already. If you are facing big decisions about life changes, such as taking a new job or getting divorced, a coach can offer you guidance that is objective and unbiased, helping you to determine what genuinely matters to you, and any deconstruct any inner voices you experience, while considering the path to take. If you feel directionless and unsure of where to go, a coach will fix this by helping you focus on and figure out your goals and purpose. Once you have a goal, a coach will be able to help you plan out manageable steps in order to slowly but surely work towards...


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