Living The Hygge Way

I recently learnt about the Danish concept of 'hygge'. In fact, as I was researching to write this post I saw that The Independent even wrote about hygge recently!

I haven’t made it to Denmark or Norway yet but I went to Sweden last year and loved it – there was so much to reflect on, and I feel as if I saw a lot of hygge in Sweden! I had no idea that there is a debate about whether the origins of hygge are Norwegian or Danish. Let’s say it's Scandanavian and hopefully, everyone is happy . There is even a debate about how the word is pronounced - some say hue-gah, others who-guh or heurgha. Like with a lot of things it all depends on the expert you talk to. When I explain what it is you’ll understand why I’d like to think of it as you giving yourself a big hug too and is pronounced hug-gi!

If the Norwegian origin is correct then hygge means wellbeing, if it's the Danish one then the best way to describe it is that it's a feeling or a mood which comes from...


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