Yes! You CAN Start A Business At 18. Here’s How...

There is a credible alternative to going to university these days. For a start, not everyone can afford to go to university, another thing is that not everyone wants to go to university. At Liberation Club we are always going to encourage you to improve your life and that starts with education. That education can come from watching videos on YouTube (the right ones of course!), or from taking a structured course online or at university.

Back to this, if you want to start a business and you are a teenager then it is more than possible to do. These days it has never been easier. Below are 16 tips and recommendations for how you could get started.

  1. Ensure you can balance your business, education and social time. If you are  studying, ensure you can find a good balance between education, business and relaxation, before committing to the idea of a starting a business.
  2. Be inspired and learn from the mistakes of others: Read start-up stories on websites, books etc. These are useful...

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