What To Do If You Have Lost Your Focus


This is a really important topic. So many of us get distracted in life and we end up following our thoughts in the moment, and it's challenging to regain your focus and get back on track again. Allowing you to focus on what you should be doing pro-actively, rather than just reacting to things that are happening.

When we feel that we have momentum in our lives and something comes along that breaks our focus can be devastating. Getting back on track can be very hard, required real effort to get back on track and get your momentum going again.

What can you do to stop getting stuck in the 'black hole' of lack of focus. Where your mind just feels cluttered.

First of all, remind yourself about why you're doing what you're doing. Be aware of the purpose of your actions. This applies to your personal and private life. Fix this, and you can quickly get back on track with things.

Also, make a list of what you need to get done. You can keep coming back to it to help you stay focussed.



Does Micro-structuring Your Day Work?


Does micro-structuring your life work? Many of us struggle with how to structure our day in order to be at our most effective.

I believe, that if you do know how to structure your day it allows you to get more done. To achieve more.  I don't mean just being busy, but rather you are doing those thing that are really important.

So what it micro-structuring?

Micro-structuring is quite an easy concept. Many of us feel overwhelmed. There's so much to get done. Once we start to feel overwhelmed, then nothing gets done. When we don't get those priorities completed, then everything seems worse.

Micro-structuring your day really focuses on what you do throughout the day. Some people even set aside time for toilet breaks! That may be a bit over the top.

What I would suggest is don't use it to try and plan out your whole day as that in itself can cause overwhelm through stress that it might cause.

So let's say, do an AM and a PM structure. For example, think about the 2 or 3 hours...


Whose Agenda Are You Focusing On?



Whose agenda are you focusing on? It's easy for us to lose focus on ourselves and we often spend time focusing on other people. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but are you claiming any time back for your own agenda?

Sometimes, focusing on other people's problems is the right thing to do. There's no doubt about that. However, there are times when you must bring your focus back to yourself.

You may be a parent, or a carer, or responsible for looking after elderly parents, but it's important that you are able to strike a balance between your priorities and those of others.

Balance is key. It's all about balance.

I would suggest dividing your day into chunks of time so that you are able to serve your own agenda and still help others.

An example of this is when my kids were younger, I'd need to help my husband getting the kids ready for school and getting them out the door. So any work issues got left at these times. Any emails would be ignored. I din't engage with...


Can You Make Good Decisions?

Sometimes making a decision can be the hardest thing in the world. You’ve done the research, you have identified some choices, you know what your gut feeling says, yet you remain stuck. Stuck in a place where you are unable to make a decision and move forward.

It is a horrible place to be when you are stuck.

I know, I’ve been there many, many times.

I want to share with you the things that I have discovered in 40+ years of decision making.

How to make decisions efficiently:

Decisions can be made using the techniques below but sometimes it is useful to learn ways that allow the decision to be made efficiently. Peter Bregman, author of 18 MInutes Find Your Focus, has some interesting techniques for making decisions:

  • For predictable and routine decisions, by building a habit, e.g. you always walk to work, rather than the tube, you avoid decision entirely and can save decision making energy in unpredictable situations.
  • Use if/then thinking in order to routinize...

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