What knowledge are you ignoring?


We have a huge amount of knowledge and information that we have access to, yet we ignore it.

Today, I was re-arranging my book shelf when I came across a book that I owned, that I have been trying to find in my local libraries! This got me thinking about how much knowledge we have, or is accessible to us that we simply ignore. We don't use it. I find it really strange that we don't tap into that information. The books are just left on the shelf, the courses are done and any advice we've received, we ignore. Bizarre!

All of this has a cost to it which should be acknowledged. It might mean giving something up or having to start doing something that you're not already doing.

Gaining knowledge is very simple in some respects, but the implementation of that knowledge is the challenging bit.

For example, we know that we could probably all be fitter and healthier. We know what we need to do - exercise and eat better. We have the knowledge.

A couple of years ago, my husband bought me...


How Do You Implement What You Learn In Your Life?



I want you to think about the difference between understanding something conceptually and then applying it.

For example, I'm sure everyone knows, or has heard that we shouldn't take our mobile phones to bed. Yet, how many of us still do? So many of us do the things that we know we shouldn't be doing. We have an academic or conceptual understanding of something that we know is good for us, but we don't do it. There are plenty of examples like this - exercise, meditation, eight hours sleep, drinking more water and so on. You know it.

We have to then make that decision that forces us to implement that thing into our lives. Take an early life example - brushing our teeth. It used ot be our parents that brushed our teeth but one day it became our responsibility and we assumed that responsibility to take care of our teeth.

Until we move from that conceptual understanding of something into an habitual practice, it's remains as just 'simple' knowledge. We know it, but we don't...


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