Do You Talk To Yourself?

Did you know that the way you talk to yourself has a really big impact on your general well-being and what you are able to do each and every day? As a Muslim, I have learned to find ways that balance my love and honour for my faith, my desire to be better and my love for learning about personal development in a way that allows me to embrace tools and techniques which are cutting edge, yet in my opinion, have their foundation in Islam. For example – have you ever thought about the words that you hear in the call to prayer? Some of the words translate from Arabic into English as ‘Come to Success.’ Kinda amazing right? Hearing that positive message five times a day and knowing what it means will remind you that you are on your way to success.

So, using the right language with yourself will have an incredible impact on your mindset. I am not telling you to use ‘mantras,’ or statements that others have told you to repeat but I do want you to figure out what...


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