Top 7 Tips For Adult Learners

At a time when many people are starting some form of study we thought it would be useful to share our top tips for adult learners. We will do one for younger learners in the near future.

When you follow these tips your learning experience will be deeper and more joyful! Enjoy!

1. Manage your learning: You probably have a good awareness of your strengths and weaknesses in the classroom therefore can take more responsibility for how you learn, for example, if you know you do not find the visual exercises the teacher sets useful, plan and make your own exercises that help you learn in the way you learn best. Go above and beyond and ensure you pursue the subject as much as possible: ask questions, read beyond the syllabus etc.

2. Challenge yourself: Never shy away from something if it initially looks difficult. Teachers and department heads are all there to support and help you if you feel you are truly struggling. It is important to stay realistic, and ensure you challenge yourself...


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