Happy Partner, Happy Me

Almost 15 years on from getting married, this morning as I was out running and I bumped into my husband who was also running. He looked so happy, and that made me happy. It made me think about the whole idea that a happy man is someone who has a happy wife, right? Well, what about the other way around? (NB - In case you are wondering we run separately in the same area - my husband is a lot taller and faster than me so I don't want to hold him back, and he doesn't want me to run so fast that I trip over myself so we go at our own paces.)

My husband and I had an 'arranged marriage.' What this means in real terms is that we were introduced through friends! The nature of the Muslim pre-marriage requirements means no meeting (in person or electronically!) without a third person present and no physical contact. That means that as someone who was 28 when I decided to take the idea of getting married seriously I kind of knew what I didn’t want as much as I knew what I wanted. More...


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