Morning Routines

We have all heard reasons and stories why a morning routine is important. The thing is that sometimes morning and motivation don't always go together. In this post, I am going to look at different morning routines that I have tried and tested and will let you know what worked best for me. The aim is not to tell you how to do it, rather it's to offer you options so that you can select something that works best for you.

But, before we look at anything to do with routines I want to share some information that I gathered about why waking up at the crack of dawn or before sunrise is helpful to your productivity, health and vitality. This applies regardless of what life stage you are in!

There is something special about the early hours of the morning, before dawn, which is timeless and unifies all beliefs of how important it is. I was recently told by a mentor of mine that the first rays of the sun are the most important ones when it comes to physical and psychological growth. Now, if that...


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