Does Micro-structuring Your Day Work?


Does micro-structuring your life work? Many of us struggle with how to structure our day in order to be at our most effective.

I believe, that if you do know how to structure your day it allows you to get more done. To achieve more.  I don't mean just being busy, but rather you are doing those thing that are really important.

So what it micro-structuring?

Micro-structuring is quite an easy concept. Many of us feel overwhelmed. There's so much to get done. Once we start to feel overwhelmed, then nothing gets done. When we don't get those priorities completed, then everything seems worse.

Micro-structuring your day really focuses on what you do throughout the day. Some people even set aside time for toilet breaks! That may be a bit over the top.

What I would suggest is don't use it to try and plan out your whole day as that in itself can cause overwhelm through stress that it might cause.

So let's say, do an AM and a PM structure. For example, think about the 2 or 3 hours...


How To Use The One Page Annual Planner


In this video I want to address planning. Planning for our lives, that is, and especially how to use the one page annual planner. It's a simple planner and a great place to start for people who've never used one before.

We often have ideas and goals for the things we want to achieve in the year ahead, but I believe that the main reason we don't achieve our goals, is that we're not planning them.

We need to start at a high level and that's where the one page annual planner comes in. It's a powerful tool and gets you to set your goals for the coming year.

Personally, I like to use it around the beginning of February, although you can use it at anytime. The reason that I like to start in February, is that December and January and August tend to be 'slump' months and the planner allows you to power through.

It's split into quarters:

Feb, Mar, Apr
May, Jun, Jul
Aug, Sep, Oct
Nov, Dec, Jan

It's very easy to use. I even get my kids to use it and they plan out their year. You can download...


Do You Have A Dream Or Plan?


Many people want to achieve things in their life, but what is the point in having a dream about achieving something, if you don't have a plan to get there.

I've been working on my health and fitness for a while but recently I took my foot of the pedal a bit. When I look at my journal record, it's blank! I haven't planned anything so it's no wonder that I've let things go a bit.

You may have a dream but you need a plan if you want to achieve that dream.

If you think about where you are now, you must have had some kind of a plan that led you here. It's the same when it comes to planning for any dream that you want to achieve.

Your dream could be going to university, getting a job, getting married, fixing your health. Any number of things. You shouldn't just fumble through life hoping that things work out. If you're serious about achieving your dreams then your MUST plan for them.

Everyone I've ever coached or worked with, who has gotten success with their crazy aspirations,...


Coaching Lessons From A 5 Year Old

In this video I share a few lessons I learned from some kids who came round to the house about a week ago.

I'm that Auntie that the nieces and nephews are a little bit scared of (because I'm the one who will tell them off!) but, they know that I also give them interesting things to do and think about.

On this day, I happened to give some advice to 7 kids, all aged under 8. In essence, I got them to make some checklists. I didn't make them. They did. They had ownership of the process. So they made the checklists, they monitored their progress on a daily basis and made a self-assessment.

Anyway, today, their parents sent me the results of how they've been getting on and I learned some valuable lessons which I share with you in the video . They got a lot done! This is how results happen!


It's amazing what you can learn and from who.

The benefits you can get from the simple checklist.

Give children ownership of their own projects.


1. Results Resolution -...


Morning Routines

We have all heard reasons and stories why a morning routine is important. The thing is that sometimes morning and motivation don't always go together. In this post, I am going to look at different morning routines that I have tried and tested and will let you know what worked best for me. The aim is not to tell you how to do it, rather it's to offer you options so that you can select something that works best for you.

But, before we look at anything to do with routines I want to share some information that I gathered about why waking up at the crack of dawn or before sunrise is helpful to your productivity, health and vitality. This applies regardless of what life stage you are in!

There is something special about the early hours of the morning, before dawn, which is timeless and unifies all beliefs of how important it is. I was recently told by a mentor of mine that the first rays of the sun are the most important ones when it comes to physical and psychological growth. Now, if that...


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