What knowledge are you ignoring?


We have a huge amount of knowledge and information that we have access to, yet we ignore it.

Today, I was re-arranging my book shelf when I came across a book that I owned, that I have been trying to find in my local libraries! This got me thinking about how much knowledge we have, or is accessible to us that we simply ignore. We don't use it. I find it really strange that we don't tap into that information. The books are just left on the shelf, the courses are done and any advice we've received, we ignore. Bizarre!

All of this has a cost to it which should be acknowledged. It might mean giving something up or having to start doing something that you're not already doing.

Gaining knowledge is very simple in some respects, but the implementation of that knowledge is the challenging bit.

For example, we know that we could probably all be fitter and healthier. We know what we need to do - exercise and eat better. We have the knowledge.

A couple of years ago, my husband bought me...


How Can You Live Longer?


Today's topic is something really important. Should we be looking at how we can live longer, or should we be looking at how we can improve our lives?

Some people seem to spend a significant amount of money in order to live longer. This could be through diet and nutrition or fancy gizmos like cryo-chambers.

For me, I think it's about improving the quality of our lives as much as living longer. So bio-hacking and strategies to prolong our lives are great and useful for all of us. There are some suggestions that humans should be able to live to 136 years old. Some put that figure as high as 180.

From my perspective though, I think living a long life is only useful if you are able to still operate at your full mental capacity and still be physically able to get around.

When we know what to do and put in time and effort it's like we're in training for something. I think, what we're training for is life in effect. In order to live longer and experience more of life.

ive longer



How Do You Implement What You Learn In Your Life?



I want you to think about the difference between understanding something conceptually and then applying it.

For example, I'm sure everyone knows, or has heard that we shouldn't take our mobile phones to bed. Yet, how many of us still do? So many of us do the things that we know we shouldn't be doing. We have an academic or conceptual understanding of something that we know is good for us, but we don't do it. There are plenty of examples like this - exercise, meditation, eight hours sleep, drinking more water and so on. You know it.

We have to then make that decision that forces us to implement that thing into our lives. Take an early life example - brushing our teeth. It used ot be our parents that brushed our teeth but one day it became our responsibility and we assumed that responsibility to take care of our teeth.

Until we move from that conceptual understanding of something into an habitual practice, it's remains as just 'simple' knowledge. We know it, but we don't...


Whose Agenda Are You Focusing On?



Whose agenda are you focusing on? It's easy for us to lose focus on ourselves and we often spend time focusing on other people. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but are you claiming any time back for your own agenda?

Sometimes, focusing on other people's problems is the right thing to do. There's no doubt about that. However, there are times when you must bring your focus back to yourself.

You may be a parent, or a carer, or responsible for looking after elderly parents, but it's important that you are able to strike a balance between your priorities and those of others.

Balance is key. It's all about balance.

I would suggest dividing your day into chunks of time so that you are able to serve your own agenda and still help others.

An example of this is when my kids were younger, I'd need to help my husband getting the kids ready for school and getting them out the door. So any work issues got left at these times. Any emails would be ignored. I din't engage with...


Is Fear Or Worry Stopping You From Doing Something?



Is fear or worry stopping you from doing something?

Often in our lives there are big dreams and ambitions. Things we want to do. However, we have a tendency to automatically think about what if it goes wrong!

This isn't rational. This fear is NOT rational. We're worried about things that haven't even happened. But the fear is so bad it stops us and makes us come up with a million excuses to not do those things.

What is that thing you want to do, yet fear is stopping you?

It's interesting how fear of something, even something that can't really effect us, will have an impact on us.

What can we do about it? The first thing I think we should do is make an evaluation of whether the fear is justified or not. If we assess our fears, then we mostly find out that those fears have no basis.

We also need to look at the source of the fear. Did we learn that fear from someone? Is it a rational fear, or are we just scared because someone we knew was scared.

If you have a fear, develop...


What Is Underneath Your Noses That You Are Ignoring?


 What is underneath your nose, that you are ignoring?

Underneath mine was a foam roller. They help you when you experience a lot of muscular pain from exercising. As regular readers know, I've been trying to improve my health and fitness over the last year. I kind of see this as my last chance to do something about my health and I need to fix this situation or the coming years are going to be a lot harder.

Since the beginning of the year, I've been going to the gym and have started a jump rope (skipping) routine.

As a result I've been getting some aching muscles!

I recommend taking a potassium supplement, or eating food with a lot of potassium in it. I also use a magnesium spray which I spray on to the muscles that are aching and that helps a lot. Be warned - magnesium spray can help make you sleepy.

The final thing, is the thing that I've been ignoring until recently - the foam roller. I've had it for several months now, and it's been acting as a door stop! Anyway, I've now...


The Brain Rules The Body


In this video I want to talk about the important relationship between the brain and body.

I've been reading an interesting book and one of the sentences that has stayed with is 'The brain rules the body'.

No matter what it is that we want to do, the relationship between what we desire and our bodies, when we develop the mindset to make that thing happen, the body falls into place and supports you in achieving that goal.

But where are the limits? I think we set those limits ourselves. When we look at some people, we wonder 'How did they achieve that?'. If we look at the example of Roger Bannister who was the first man to run a mile under 4 minutes. Some thought it impossible, but when he did it, others started doing it as well. The mental limits that people thought existed had been removed.

When we look at the marathon, there's a number of attempts to do the marathon under 2 hours. That's the next big goal. Now, it hasn't been done yet, but what do you think will happen once...


Sven-Göran Eriksson: ‘I should have taken a mental coach to the 2006 World Cup’. Is he right?


I was reading an article recently about Sven-Göran Eriksson (England's former manager) where he was asked about his regrets. One of them was the decision not to take a mental coach to the 2006 World Cup.

This was something interesting to reflect on I thought. Sven called it a mental coach but I would call it a coach that helps you with your high performance, who supports you to have the right attitude. I firmly believe that everyone should have a coach in their lives.

Think of it like this - say you want to do a marathon. When you take on a challenge like that, the learning to run process is quite easy. It's just one foot in front of the other. But it's the mental challenge that is key. 95% of it, is down to your psychology. Your body has to be able to perform, you need to have the logistics to support you but your psychological training needs to be done as well. You need to believe that you can do it.

This is why, I believe, having a mental coach or high performance...


What To Do When You Don't Feel Worthy


An important subject worth talking about is what to do when we don't feel worthy. Many individuals feel unworthy at some time in their lives.

A lot of young people especially, suffer from anxiety and not feeling that they are good enough. This can lead people to start hating themselves, especially in this day and age of selfies and social media bombardment with people showing all the 'trappings of success'.

This feeling of a lack of self worth, is a very sensitive issue. I realize that. It can lead to terrible suffering for individuals. Some of it is beyond the discussion in this video. It may be necessary for them to seek professional health.

In this video I want to discuss the issues around this and wanted to present some ideas and steps to help you feel that you are in fact, enough.

First of all, we should stop comparing ourselves to other people.

Secondly, realize that your mind can play games with you. When you listen to this negative self-talk, a lot of the thoughts you...


How Can I Handle Fear?


Yesterday, someone asked me to talk about how to handle fear. I think this is a really important subject so thought I would share my thoughts on this.

Fear manifests itself in so many different ways. Sometimes it's useful - it can help keep us alive after all.

What doesn't help you is fear that stop you from moving forward on a project or stops you making progress towards your dreams.

You can have fear of the process that you need to do in order to achieve a project. So you stay stuck.

Then there is what I call 'comfort pain'. This is to do with settling with who you are and you don't want to address the fear you might have of rocking the boat to make a change that you need to make. So you put up with the pain.

Another type that I come across is the 'pain of results'. When you experience change or transformation in your life you can't expect everything around you to stay the same. This can also include changes that you don't choose to make such as retirement, or job loss or the...

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