Are You Waiting For Destiny To Happen, Or Are You Working Towards It?


Are you waiting for destiny to happen, or are you working towards it? This question came around because I noticed in the comments and feedback that I've been receiving that things weren't or were happening in people's lives such as getting married or finding work, and that it's destiny and if it happens, it happens.

Predestination doesn't mean however that we should sit back and do nothing, and just accept that things will happen for us. We need to be proactive towards working for our goals.

If we sit back waiting for our goals to appear then we'll have a long wait. If you are a proactive person and doing the work you need to do to move yourself forward, you're much more likely to achieve your dreams instead of waiting for it to just drop in your lap. If your waiting for the 'right time' it's more likely to appear sooner if your taking steps towards it.

This applies to any goal in your life whether it's marriage or work or study. You whole life can be transformed, but you...


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