High Five #4 26/07/2019

Hi All!

Here is your weekly Friday High Five! And a list of what I’m enjoying or pondering.

What I’m reading — 

The life-saving power of mental health first aid in schools in The Independent. First published in 2018, it is still relevant today. The charity Young Minds may be able to assist if you need some help online or in the UK. They have some good resources. *Let me know if you have any further suggestions and I’ll add them to the post.* 

What I’m...


What's Service Got To Do With It?

Service is a really interesting word, particularly when it comes to personal and professional growth.  I think that service, being of service, and serving somebody are concepts that some people seem to have forgotten in many walks of life. 

Think about the last time you went to a cafe or restaurant, or even the last time you went to buy food, did you think about that experience in terms of service, and the service you were being provided? Or did you focus your energy on the lack of...


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