My Daughter Hated Physics Until Today....



My daughter is home schooled. This is because we travelled for a few years, living in a number of countries such as Morocco, Egypt, Malaysia and the US amongst others. She studies English, Maths, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Sociology. This went pretty well but she has always disliked physics as a subject.

Something interesting happened today however. She started doing some extra tuition, on top of her normal studies, at a college. As a result she has got a new tutor who she said was really enthusiastic about physics. This has generated a deeper interest now in this subject for her. He engaged her with the topic and won her over.

It made me think about how we all struggle from time to time wtih certain topics but why it is important to persevere, especially when we know something is good for us.


- How to change our approach? You can shift our focus or consider who is guiding you.
- The right teacher can cause a huge shift in your attitude....


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