How To Make Time For Yourself



A common question I get is "How can I make time for myself". It seems that despite all of our time-saving devices we still don't seem to have enough time.

I want you to live a purposeful life. Living on intention. Once you are living that kind of life it means that you are then in a position to help others. Even be a role model to them. However, you need to be on your 'A game' in order to be able to do that effectively.

So how can we make time for ourselves? Here's a few suggestions (more detail in the video):

1. Learn to delegate. There are definitely things in your life that are not really your responsibility. Decide what they are and delegate them to someone else. Whether it's to your husband, wife, kids, colleagues. Whoever it is.

2. Learn to say "No". It's a challenge as we want to be helpful, but there are times when it's not up to us. We say 'Yes' to so many other people's dreams, our own dreams suffer.

3. Don't allow your email or social media to run your...


The Most Important Currency

Have you ever wondered about the different types of currency? No, I don't mean the financial currencies of which they are 180 currencies as recognised by the UN in the world right now. The thing is; there is often a debate about the value of old currencies and new ones like the cryptocurrency bitcoin. But what we are not doing is having a real discussion on what currency is.

That one intrigues me because it allows an opportunity for different types of currency and that is what we are here to look at, and I should point out that currency here is not the same as intelligence. I’ll write about different types of intelligence in another post.   Let's also look at another definition – currency is ‘the quality or state of being used or accepted by many people’

What are the things you can exchange for something else? What are the things  or services that are being used by others, that you can exchange your services or things for? What tends to be the...


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