The Space

‘I discovered a learning opportunity by letting go. I love the serenity of how Saiyyidah held the space, and how skillfully she asked me questions that expanded my understanding as a coach.’

— Coach in supervision with Saiyyidah

4 for 1

Coaching Supervision

4 for 1 Coaching Supervision can help you as you progress in your coaching practice.

Coaching supervision is a reflective process designed to enhance the competence of coaches and to ensure we are fit for purpose. Supervision has three main functions:

— normative (exploring ethical challenges),

— developmental (supporting coaches in improving their practice), and

— supportive (promoting personal well-being).

You may have just qualified as a coach, you might be a seasoned coach, or you could be a certified coach who is in transition from an organisation to your own coaching business, or someone who hasn't practiced your skills regularly since you qualified.

This discrete, curated program of personal & group supervision, incorporating coaching business growth & skills development will help you progress & grow your coaching practice.

What's included

1 — One-to-one Supervision

Regular individual one hour supervision calls where you bring a topic from your coaching practice and gain insights into your development and growth as a coach.

2 — Group Supervision

Group supervision experiences enabling you to benefit from peer learning, feedback and support, demonstration of ethical practice in relation, and a systemic lens.

You explore, develop, and grow alongside other coaches in a psychologically safe space.

3 — Practice Growth

Create and implement a plan for your coaching practice. And support for beginner and experienced coaches as you continue to develop your coaching distinction, skills, and style.

4 — Skills Development

Continue your coaching learning and development journey with topic focused sessions e.g. ending a coaching assignment, how to do a contracting session, using meditation, opening and closing coaching sessions etc.

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