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‘I discovered a learning opportunity by letting go. I love the serenity of how Saiyyidah held the space, and how skillfully she asked me questions that expanded my understanding as a coach.’

Coach in supervision with Saiyyidah

What others say

“Working with Saiyyidah is like going on a spa day. I feel rejuvinated, relaxed, and reenergised. It is one of the best things I do for my business... and for my home life!”

— Entrepreneur, £3.5m turnover business

I have been hugely lucky and honoured to have been both tutored and coached by Saiyyidah. Saiyyidah has the most wonderful ability to challenge where challenge is warranted and yet she leaves me with a sense of confidence in where I should go next and a calmness that I rarely feel.

— Partner, UK law firm

"Saiyyidah is stellar. A person I trust.  Shall I start with the energy,drive, focus, momentum, motivation I experience in our sessions, or the milestones I am covering in true Grand Prix style?! It's an honour to work with you Saiyyidah,you are an inspiration to me, a true professional and one of the best decisions I have made."

— Ayesha Saleem-Malik, Coach, London

"Saiyyidah is a brilliant coach who looks at problems with a unique lens. She amazes me with her insights and solutions every time. I have known her for five years, and I have learned the most valuable lessons of my life with her. Here she moves people from charcoal to the transformation of a dazzling diamond."

— Fouzia Usman, Senior Oracle Applications Engineer

“Saiyyidah is a constant student of life and business. Her greatest gift is making the complex simple! The wide range of deep learning she has in positive psychology, project management, personal growth, and business results is the basis for a great experience. I know Saiyyidah will help you move forward. Saiyyidah doesn’t just suggest the possibility of taking your ideas and making them a reality, she shows you how.

— Ethan Willis, #1 New York Times best-selling author and CEO of Roundsquare Ventures

"Saiyyidah was my tutor at Meyler Campbell and I highly recommend her as both a tutor and coach. Saiyyidah’s depth of knowledge, ability to assimilate a situation, and to tap into what is both said and unsaid, to ask the questions that really bring learning, is truly powerful, and inspiring. She has continually challenged me to think beyond what is obvious, to learn and question – thank you Saiyyidah for all you have shared and brought to me in my own journey as a coach.."

— Freelance independent development consultant and coach

Saiyyidah is one in a million, it has been a joy to get to know her whilst embarking on my coaching journey. She so generously shared her wisdom, taught me a vast amount, not only about coaching but about myself too and for this I am incredibly grateful. I would highly recommend her as teacher, coach and all round awesome, sunny person. Thank you Saiyyidah.

— Entrepreneur, multiple family businesses

"Saiyyidah is committed to excellence in everything she does and helps her clients raise their standards. She is the Coach's Coach and uses her depth of knowledge and wisdom to effect results! Though we've only met in person once being she lives across the pond, her impact is far reaching and long lasting."

— Multi business entrepreneur based in US & MENA

Saiyyidah gets things done and makes things happen. I’ve known her for over a decade, and she is one of the best people I have ever worked with. Saiyyidah is deeply reflective, has great values and is one of the top action takers I know. Spend time with her and that great approach will rub off on you too.

— Muhammad Alshareef, Founder, DiscoverULife

"Saiyyidah Zaidi is a remarkable individual with an amazing back story and a tremendous depth of experience, all of which she brings to bear in this excellent book. Saiyyidah is a thought leader whose wisdom and insights deserve a wider hearing."

— Professor Anthony Reddie, University of Oxford, Centre for Religion & Culture

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