The Space

The Space

Every Sunday at 6pm UK time you’ll receive a short email from me with some thoughts and ideas based on what has emerged for me from work in the leadership advisory, coaching, and research arenas. These insights are based on the reflective space I have created in my diary – something I encourage you to do.

Spending time reflecting is one of the most important types of space you can give yourself in the week. The idea for The Space emerged due to the multiple references to 'space' used in leadership development, coaching, and learning.

As an architect the concept of space is really important for me:

 how the physical space impacts our senses,

– the multiple sensory cues  activated, or enhanced, by the physical space we are in, and

– how space can change our mood, deepen emotions, and make us feel alive!

As a leadership advisor, coach, and supervisor I work with individuals, teams, and organisations to create a range of spaces including psychological and emotional space. 

And lastly, as a project manager one of the most important types of spaces I work with people on is creating diary space.

All of these contribute to generating space for reflection, for pause, for anything you want and need it to be.

The Space

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