Hello, I'm Saiyyidah!

(pronounced say-ee-dah, meaning female leader)

When I was 7 years old I made 3 decisions: (1) Learning will always be part of my life, (2) Relationships are important and need time, (3) I am determined to live life on my terms, in service to others.

Those decisions anchored me for the last 40+ years and still serve me today. I'm in my 5th career, I have far too many degrees and qualifications, I love what I do, and I always aim to stay focused on what is important: people and the impact that they have.

Let's just say I’m doing the work I was born to do and totally loving it!

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Here's a look at my qualifications:

Let's be clear I LOVE learning.

Brendon Burchard, the worlds No 1 high performance coach said 'Saiyyidah is incredibly dedicated to making a difference in this world. She practices what she preaches. You want to learn from someone who does the hard work of growth learning themselves, and Saiyyidah is a master learner. She has distinctions and advice that can truly help you grow.'

Yes, I do the hard work of learning! I go deep and broad because I feel as if I owe it to you, myself, and the knowledge I'm learning. I study as a hobby. I do appreciate how odd that sounds— I really know—as I've seen the look on peoples faces when I say my leisure activities are all learning related and don't disclose something fun like eating at 5* restaurants, surfing, or camping. Yet the dark side of it is imposter syndrome occasionally kicks in and tell me despite 5 degrees, 10+ years as a leader in local government and 11+ years of coaching leaders, I still need to learn more. One thing is certain... I will study until the end of my days. I see myself as a work in progress and am always willing to learn a new insight, receive feedback to improve. I want to keep growing and be chasing my best self.


  • Tutor and Faculty Member, Meyler Campbell
    (Member of the Diversity Taskforce)
  • Fellow of the Association For Project Management
  • Trustee and Committee Member, British and Irish Association for Practical Theology

Professional Training

  • Certified Facilitation Guide, Xchange, 2020, 2021
  • Civil & Commercial Mediation Training, 218 Strand, London 2019 (Accredited by the General Council of the Bar, and CIArb recognised)
  • Faith Dispute Resolution, BIMA, London, 2018. 
  • Certified High Performance Coaching 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.
  • Happiness At Work, iOpener, UK, 2013
  • MBTI Step 1 and Step 2, Bristol, 2012
  • NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, Birmingham, 2011/2012
  • Meyler Campbell Business Coaching Programme accredited by Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, 2010/11.
  • Project Directors Development Programme UCL/ Local Partnerships, 2009/10. 
  • Academy for Executive Leadership Improvement and Development Agency, 2007/08.
  • Gateway Review Training Local Partnerships, April 08.
  • Director Training Ascham Homes, accredited by Middlesex University, 2005/7.


  • Doctorate in Practical Theology, Glasgow University (2013- current)
  • MSc Applied Positive Psychology, Distinction Grade Awarded. UEL, London 2014
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Relief, with Michael Chaskalson, 2012.
  • MSc Construction Economics & Management, Distinction Grade awarded. UCL, London 2002
  • RIBA Part 3- Certificate in Professional Practice and Management 1999. Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow
  • Diploma in Architecture 1997
  • Bachelors of Architecture 1995


I am currently in a mastermind with Brendon Burchard, Dean Graziosi, and Ethan Willis. I also receive coaching from the former CEO of Mindvalley.


I am in regular coaching supervision and meet my supervisor every 6-8 weeks.

My learning and teaching style:

Learning Style

My approach to learning is sometimes forensic analysis, other times to get just enough to take a small step forward. I believe that learning is not a one style fits all.

When it comes to learning something new (for example at the moment I am learning how to start and launch a podcast you can follow my journey here) I first undertake an assessment of the landscape (that is a fancy way of saying I want to find out what I know and what information is out there). I do this so I know the gap that I need to fill in order to move forward.

Next, I identify what will give me the most 'bang for the buck' so I don't get lost inside my head and do nothing, or get overwhelmed by the amount of information out there and do nothing.

I then keep learning while I am taking action. This is something I advocate for everyone.

Teaching Style

Like everyone I have had good and bad teachers in my life. The best student experiences I had were when my teachers or mentors made me feel as if thy cared—this goes over and above the care that most teachers show. It was the extra conversation, piece of guidance, helping me when they could see I was struggling with the content, my aspirations, having hope, logistics, or guidance.

When you are a student or client of mine I believe that I am part of your personal team. My approach to teaching is to give you everything I have got at a pace that I think will enable you to move forward. I base this upon conversations we have and how I see you absorbing and applying the material I have shared with you.

I know for some people it will feel too slow, and for others it will feel too fast. This is when I say trust me, I know what I am doing, in teaching, coaching, supervising, supporting you... this is not my first rodeo!

I am here to be of service to you, even if that is through the words of this blog or the emails I send you.

Let me know how I can help...