Where Are You Going?

Me - We are going out now. 

Mum - Where are you going?  

Me - Haleema wants to go for a walk. 

Mum - Where are you going? 

Me - Central London 

Mum - Where are you going? 

Marble Arch? Edgware Road? John Lewis? 

Me - Only Allah knows.

Mum - Where are you going? 

Me - Only Allah knows. 

Assalaamu alaykum 

… and I then left. 

Not knowing where you are going is a very empowering thing. And trusting that God has your back is...


Rehab, Recovery and Results

If you have been in my circle for a while you will be aware that I experienced a life-threatening car accident in 1998. I had finished work and was driving to the gym on a warm summer's day in Glasgow. I was on the Kingston Bridge (which crosses the River Clyde as it cuts Glasgow in half, like the Thames does in London), and it started to drizzle as traffic slowly built up. The cars were “stop-starting” very, very quickly.  As a cautious driver I held back and was more...


PSA - Parenting 101

PSA - Parenting 101 

Coco Gauff  is a 15 year old American tennis player who has created some wonderful stories related to Wimbledon this year (2019). She is the same age as my daughter and I have found her an inspiration, and somebody that I can learn a great deal from. Yet her young age means that we need to ensure she is able to make the most of her innate talents, her youth, and the support system that has been put around her. 

Not every young person has the opportunities...


Q&A July 013 2019 - Strengthening Memory

This is a great question and worthy of answering because strengthening memory is one of the most important tools for learning and retaining information. Memory, in many respects, is like a muscle. it requires exercise in order it for it to be fully functioning and able to serve you when you need it most.

Question - How can I strengthen my memory? I forget things easily.

Answer - Think about the last time you had to run for a bus, if the muscles in your legs are not trained for running (or...


High Five July12, 2019 - Leadership Book, Coco, Megan Rapinoe

Here is your weekly Friday High Five! And a list of what I’m enjoying or pondering.

What I’m reading — 

11 Leadership Qualities that Changed The World by Nabil Al-Azami. 

I like the simple and practical way that the book is laid out and presented. 

The publishers website says “There is a hadith that says that every one of us is a shepherd for our flock.  This profound statement by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) compels us to...


Flourish and Thrive #2 - Honour Your Heros

 In order to really flourish and thrive you need to ensure that you are surrounded by the right people. In this context the right people includes reflecting who is in your circle of friends, mentors, family, teachers, etc. In essence :very single person you encounter provides you with an opportunity to learn

As I grow wider I realise that in order to genuinely flourish and thrive you need to and should:

  • to surround yourself with people who you align with
  • people with ...

My Teachers - Brendon Burchard

Subject: CONFIRMED! Experts Academy Elite (Success!)

Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2010, 09:50

That was the subject and date from the first email I ever received from Brendon. He was introduced to me by someone called Alexandra from Greece. I can’t even remember how I got on her list or how I know her, still Alexandra gets the credit

At that time Brendon was teaching the first iteration of Experts Academy. 

In those days there was no Kajabi, no leadpages, no ‘online...


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