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adventures in space Dec 03, 2023

Last week I went on various adventures across London – Covent Garden, Kings Cross, St James Park, and Brixton! As I gently meandered through the hustle and bustle of each trip I saw people going to work, going home, and others coming into town to go Christmas shopping. The pace was frantic,...

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why do you go away? Nov 26, 2023

There was something settling in my being.

I found an unexpected sense of peace.

I felt grounded in a place that was unfamiliar.

Last week I spent 4 days in Istanbul, Turkey. After my meetings were over, on the 3rd day I was able to fully relax and my pace slowed down considerably. I started to...

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Just come Nov 19, 2023

Just Come

You don’t have to do anything

prepare anything

produce anything

perform for anyone

report anything

submit anything

be any where

adopt any role.

Just come as you are.

Let’s indulge ourselves

in sweet idleness

and delicious kinship.

by Noel Davis,

(from Heart Coming Home,...

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Femi comes first Nov 12, 2023

In Season 2 Episode 1 of the BBC series Louis Theroux Interviews Anthony Joshua OBE (the British Nigerian boxer). Louis Theroux has a great interview style and the whole thing is really engaging viewing. About 35 minutes in to the program there is a fascinating exchange between Anthony, his...

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the art of explanation - a review Nov 05, 2023

Ros Atkins is a BBC journalist who presents a program called Outside Source which aimed to create a different way of looking at the news (it last aired in March 2023). I became curious about Ros and what contributed to his style of journalism — I discovered he has lived...

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Welcome to The Space Oct 29, 2023

Hello and welcome to The Space. Here you will find my musings, writings, and reflection which based on a curiosity regarding space both as an architect and as a leadership advisor and coach. When I share in a speech, keynote, or piece of writing I always like to get us on the same page...

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