You Too Can Run 5K in 8 Weeks Part 1 - How To Start Running

Want to start running? Good for you! In my opinion you have made an excellent exercise choice. Running is not for everyone, but once you’ve started, and you realise you like (no, love!) it, then you will not look back. I think that runners are runners for life even if they don’t do it for a while.

Running is a form of exercise that you can start at low cost, with ease, and start immediately. If you can walk with some ease you can run.

In this first part of 3 articles I am going to share with you how you can start running.

Ensure you will remain motivated, rather than quit once you feel bored.

Ways to do this:

  • Pick one race you will run every year. Having a tangible goal will allow you to stay motivated, and have a bigger purpose to your running. You could also include friends or family, to make the experience more enjoyable, and therefore make you more likely to train hard for it.
  • Be prepared. Always keep a bag with running clothes and shoes with you in your car,...

How To Deal With Disappointment

Disappointment can be a horrible word. It is loaded for many reasons, and however you ‘choose’ to be disappointed there are ways for dealing with disappointment. In this article I share with you a few ways for how you can respond to disappointment.

Ask yourself how you feel.

Look, being honest with your feelings is really hard. It is one of the toughest things to do. Yet, when you are really vulnerable to your thoughts and feelings you will gain so much about the situation.

Admit your feelings honestly, to allow you to address the situation easily and clearly. Ask yourself about what happened, what you wanted to happen and why the situation is disappointing. Explore the thought process leading to your disappointment i.e. at the time, what were you thinking when things did not occur as I anticipated? Was I blaming myself, others, or searching for excuses? If you were indeed making excuses and “dodging responsibility” you must focus on facing the facts of...


Where are you spending your energy?

Are you spending your energy working on a vision that isn't aligned with who you are? 
Are you sacrificing the beautiful life you could have because of someone else's agenda, or because you haven't spent time working on what is important to you? 
Don't set the bar to low by focusing on something that isn't right for you. 
Don't set the bar to high and be totally unrealistic. 
There is a huge range in between.
So where should you set what you want to achieve on your life? 
Well that's up to you. 
Every goal you want in your life has a cost. A price. The price is the effort you are willing to put in. 
You can't have a great marriage without being a good spouse. 
You can't be a good parent if you don't think about the example you are seeing for your children,  no matter how old they are. 
If you set the bar high you'll need to work for it but it will be worth it. If...

5 Habits To Add More Than A Decade To Your Life

A Guardian article published on 30th April 2018 says that there are 5 habits that can add more than a decade to your life.


Is it clickbait or is it real information?

I’ll share the 5 habits that the researchers at Harvard University shared in a moment. They used lifestyle questionnaires and medical records from 123,000 volunteers to understand how much longer people lived if they followed a healthy diet, controlled their weight, took regular exercise, drank in moderation and did not smoke.

The research study quite rightly says “Americans have a shorter life expectancy compared with residents of almost all other high-income countries. We aim to estimate the impact of lifestyle factors on premature mortality and life expectancy in the US population.”

And the conclusions are simple and easy to understand: “Adopting a healthy lifestyle could substantially reduce premature mortality and prolong life expectancy in US adults.”

BUT… and...


The Liberation Club

Liberation is a big word. It is a powerful word. It is a strong word. It is one that I LOVE! 

Liberation is more than just freedom, it is a kind of earth shattering, ground quacking, lip smacking goodness that comes when your physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual freedom come from within you. Liberation is the place where the adventure of your life begins.

When I realised the power of the word liberation I felt as if the reason for my entire existence made sense. I am not here to fit into someones stereotype of what I should be. Look, there are 7 billion people on this planet and there are not 2 of us that are the same. Let's embrace who we are, what we stand for, our flaws, our kinks, and our greatness. Lets make a decision right now to be free. 

I have been blessed to have had some pretty amazing experiences in my life. OK, I had to wait about 42 years before I was able to but to be able to swim in the Indian Ocean in Bali, to see the whales in...

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